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Cinderella Dating

Throughout the years…I’ve always considered myself an avid gamer. Not an intense, over the top, fully dedicated supergamerfanatic, but I’ve clocked a LOT of hours behind the screens of my different games. And when it comes to my gaming, regardless of the amount of hours booked, I’ve always been the ‘casual’ type. Most games come with three (or a couple more) different difficulty levels, ranging from casual to normal to hardcore (and sometimes a bunch more on top of that). And you’ll find me right there at the bottom – razing through the world as an overpowered casual lil’bitch.

Now, with all of my writings about me being an ambitious psycho of a person, it might surprise you that I generally play everything I play on the lowest difficulty setting. I’ll let you in on a secret though: that’s both because I tend to lack the required skill to comfortably play on any of the higher ranges, but also because gaming….to me….just has to be fun. I take no pleasure in wiping on the same boss 15 times on a high difficulty setting, when the results are the same on a lower level. Fun is the main pillar for my gaming experience. So I like it easy.

Same goes for me and dating. Dating has to be fun. It has to flow. It has to be easy. When it’s too hard – I check out.

And dating during lockdown season equals dating on the flipping highest difficulty setting there is to the dating game. Dating during corona is already upping your level from ‘casual’ to ‘normal’. Now, adding a lockdown these past few weeks – dating moved onto the ‘hardcore’ level.
And….if we’re getting the additional curfew they’re threatening with in the press conference later today – dating climbs up to ‘insanity’ level. Hard.

It’s not just the fact that you can no longer ‘spontaneously’ encounter potential partners. It’s not just the fact that everyone is bored and using dating apps as a means to kill some time (instead of seriously date). And it’s not the fact that even when you DO end up finding a date…there is pretty much NOTHING to do (except do the Netflixing you were going to do anyway…together). All of those already make even FINDING a date complex, let alone having it actually happen.

Nope – outside of all of these challenges…we are now going to have an extra variable. Time.
When you have to be indoors after 8 and aren’t allowed to leave the house until the sun comes back up again…
Well…any and all (first) dating is thoroughly shot to shreds.

What am I?
Date a guy between 12 and 6, and then hurry home before my glass slippers turn into steep corona-fines?

I rather stay home and make pumpkin cake from my carriage. Or soup. Or…you know. Food.

I know dating is not a life’s necessity and it arguably shouldn’t even be done while this whole Corona business is in full swing but hey, dying alone is never an attractive option so I gotta be a rebel somewhere. Queen of isolation on all other accounts.

But with this additional curfew?
With this dating-level-increase?

An already limited range of options now slides down to ‘taking a walk in the freezing cold between lunch and dinner’ or the more daring ‘instantly spend the night’ options. You can see my enthusiasm here, right?
Which sucks – because I actually had a first date Monday that was awesome and has me itching for a repeat. You know the type of date, one that restores faith in your once non-bitter ‘dating is awesome!’ self. Easygoing. Not too complex. Not too serious too soon or too casual too long. Just…a good date. One that would’ve been impossible to fit into a pre-curfew session. Gah.

But it’s back to the drawing board in the dating realm while we wait for the vaccine magic, infection-drop and return to normal which may (and possibly may not ever) come. Or, at least, when it’s already too late for my ovaries to even be biologically interested in finding a mate (even though they’re never going to get their way in regards to procreation…but shush….don’t tell them that).

Guess I’ll have to get my Cinderella on for reals.
But I don’t like mice. Sigh.

25 thoughts on “Cinderella Dating

  1. True Pandemics
    Tend To Remove
    New Dates For





    Of Keeping
    It All In Balance
    And “Zipped Up
    And Tied To Be

    When One
    Species Gets
    Greedy Encroaching
    On The Resources of


    And Basically
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    Crabs” Yes “Cooties”

    So Bad


    Culling Begins
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    As Women
    Under Much Duress
    During Pregnancy
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    Produced Less
    Likely To Reproduce

    And Children
    Neglected While
    Parents Play Video
    Games And Other
    Machine Brain

    Do Not
    Develop The
    Oxytocin Wiring
    Required For Great
    Social Bonding And
    Inner Trust in Existential
    Peace And Harmony
    Yes Ability To Maintain
    Animal Homeostasis
    And Deal With Stress
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    Of Balance

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    To Be Human
    The Rose Continuing to Rise


    Above Within
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    Beast Of Beauty… US

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  2. I watched her last year,
    slowly unravelling the hem of her dress,

    filling the night air
    with summer fabric
    and secret jokes

    in the hope of seeing
    whether that guy’s smile was as genuine

    as the ache she felt,
    all the way down ti nausea in her throat.

    she knits moonbeams through the window,

    trying to remember
    whether any of those outside places really did what it said on the tin.

    Not that she cares.

    Her heart is the wrong shape for keeping the lid shut.

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  3. You totally nailed my feelings on this subject. I went on a date last month that involved taking a walk in the park during freezing temperatures. We were both so bundled up that only our eyes were visible the whole time. After that, I decided trying to date in the winter during a pandemic just wasn’t worth the effort.

    On the flip side, I also wonder about all the people who did manage to find someone during all this. I know couples who got together and got intense very quickly, because they were spending so much time together. Like I’m talking having conversations about getting married and having kids together after knowing each other for just a month or two. I’m genuinely curious how all these quarantine couples are going to fare during the transition back to normalcy (whenever that may be)

    Anywayyy, I’ve decided I’m going to just pour all the energy I usually invest in men into spoiling myself for the next few months =D

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  4. So, how is dating in the pandemic? The date you had on Monday, was that face-to-face? I hope this doesn’t sound too weird, but I can’t imagine dating in the middle of all of this, with or without a curfew. I don’t even see most of my family because we want to keep away from each other during these times.

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    1. Yeah – my date Monday was face to face (I’m a rebel sometimes 🤷‍♀️). But then I don’t have contact with about 98% of my family and work from home so that limits my proximity to any other living creatures anyway 🤪

      But yeah. It’s getting more and more difficult to even bother. We now have a curfew between 21:00 and 04:30 so that pretty much limits…well…everything. unless you go for instant sleepovers 😅

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  5. I’m an avid gamer as well and while I can play most games on normal, I don’t have forever and a day to complete them! I tend to play most games on casual now, but then, I’m also the idiot appreciating the advancements in graphics when it comes to trees and water while getting pounded by a boss. Ah ha ha ha

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  6. I’m also a causal gamer but i really get high off of going through a game at the highest difficulty level, even if it means quitting it for a few days then coming back with some new combos lol, dating is really something else with this pandemic and i wish all of singles the very best of luck so we won’t die alone haha

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