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Dancing in the rain

Yesterday I decided I could totally be one of those girls who can take her ass outside while dancing in the rain – being overjoyed with life regardless of torrential downpours.
You know the ones, they’re main characters in the romcoms and always manage to keep their hair and make-up intact regardless of the buckets of water cascading over their faces.

Probably a side-effect for absolutely binging the entire ‘Romance’ section on Netflix this past weekend. Plus – I HAVE been feeling pretty much blatantly good about life in general lately. Things are totally looking up, happiness wise (even with a sting of AUTSCH every now and then). So you know….Can’t blame a girl for trying right? I mean… every time they do it in the movies a crush shows up and completes their life (like that’s the only goal in life, right?). But I did it anyway cause I’m a maniac.

Turns out:
* When I do it – it gets REALLY cold REALLY fast. Might be because it’s January
* When 1 of the three mascaras you use is NOT waterproof….it just means that all three of them run when you get wet. You WILL look like a panda.
* When you stand out in the rain, arms spread and grinning like a maniac… people in the house behind yours with (apparently) their home office on the second floor WILL stare into your yard and laugh at you. Unapologetically so.
* When you have curly hair and make the mistake of taunting the rain: Everything. Frizzes. Extremely.
* When you try to peel off skinny jeans when you’re extremely cold – that does NOT work.
* When you lift your face to sleety icy rain – the corners of your mouth WILL split. Painfully so.

The more you know.
I should move to a tropical island. I’m assuming this works better in a monsoon.
Plus, there’s something to be said for hammocks and cocktails right now.

20 thoughts on “Dancing in the rain

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