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When you know.

Facing the abyss Stare into icecream pints Rocky road bottom And as a simple haiku may show – sometimes you’ll just know when you hit it. Hard, undeniably and unavoidably. There’s some destinies one may not escape. It might be mine to set the new world record for sheer amount of Ben and Jerries ingested.Continue reading “When you know.”

Classy or trashy?!

Sometimes there’s things about ourselves that we don’t understand, no matter how hard we try, right? I often experience that, on different topics and occasions, at least. One of the things that comes most vividly to mind – is sexuality. Not that I’m confused on whether I’m straight or gay or anything in-between those lineContinue reading “Classy or trashy?!”

Lost words

I could spell it out for youBut my words, they hold no meaningFalling on deaf ears,Resting on mute tongues,Fading in deafening silenceAnd would they ever be enough?  I would spell it out for youBut my words, they hold no swayOver a focused mindAnd poignant emotionsHastily felt,  easily discardedAnd probably never enough.  I should spell itContinue reading “Lost words”

Angry Beaver

‘Say Zoë….do you like, ever get angry?’It was an unexpected question I got Tuesday, when a colleague just asked me this out of the blue. We’d just joined a meeting and exchanged the normal pleasantries and then BAM. There it was.Now – my initial response was a very a-typical giggle, followed by a quick ‘noContinue reading “Angry Beaver”

Getting my Hagrid on

There’s never a week where I don’t at least have one or two ‘Hagrid moments’. Now, I reference Hagrid not only because I’m a Harry Potter fanatic, but also because he’s probably my fantasy-world spirit animal. Too clumsy. Too blunt. Too naïve and just a friggin’ expert at doing and saying the wrong things atContinue reading “Getting my Hagrid on”

Personal Blogging – Looks Matter

Sunday I was made aware of a dead link on the Homepage of my blog here. Oh the horror!Something like that is SO hard to deal with for a perfectionist like myself. Especially since it was on the HOME page. THE most visited page to every blog. Yikes!I wanted to instantly drop everything I wasContinue reading “Personal Blogging – Looks Matter”

Topsy Turvy

When the world goes topsy turvyYou just turn yourself aroundAnd find the upside down wayTo keep your feet on solid ground.  Find the balanceFind the meanFind the middleUntil you find yourselfFirmly in the center.  It’s just a matter of perspective You need only find what you want to seeAnd then all of a suddenIt’s easierContinue reading “Topsy Turvy”

Scream for ice-cream

‘That’s fine, but I won’t be too interested in tasting….the icecream’ he’d messaged her, and she remembered how she had nervously giggled. At her phone, because he wasn’t even there when he’d sent it. And now, with her hands trembling around the tub of Ben and Jerries, she recalled that one simple message. The conversationContinue reading “Scream for ice-cream”

Who are you?

As a word-lover – I was given an impossible task as a homework assignment yesterday. Literally, impossible. Not. Fucking. Doable. Softskills courses have a tendency to get very floaty and hippie-esque at times. Especially when there’s roleplay scenarios involved. I can’t tell you how passionately I hate roleplay. Be it professionally or…winkwinknudgenudge….my acting skills areContinue reading “Who are you?”