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A fresh view

A lot of the work I do these days is writing and rewriting texts that we’re to use in our bids. Limited by formatting and word restrictions – this means that I spend parts of my days reworking rough drafts of text to ‘fitting’ end-versions that are supposed to convince our clients to definitely chooseContinue reading “A fresh view”

Crooked smile

‘It’s ok.’They tell me.‘You were just brainwashed,by him and the scene he painted.’ And I’ll smile a crooked smileAsking them ‘what brain?’‘I lost that way before him.’‘I’ve always been out of my mind.’ ‘It’s the heart that he stole.’‘And the love that he took,that now leave me feeling empty.’ It’s when their helpful eyes hardenIt’sContinue reading “Crooked smile”

Selfcare – Reboot

Today I’m feeling like my mobile phone. Sort of. Antropomorphisation turn-around. Dehumanization, but not really. I just feel like my needs (or human needs in general) are very similar to our phones these days. Especially when it comes to rebooting. I used to work at a call-center during college as side-job, taking the incoming helpdeskContinue reading “Selfcare – Reboot”

Candy Crushed

Most of my mornings start off with me in the warm comfort of my blanket-and-pillow-nest, unwilling to get up and face the cold. Which usually translates to me slacking off on my phone for about 30 minutes to an hour, before dragging myself from my den and into the world. I cycle through a bunchContinue reading “Candy Crushed”


I’ll see words aligned in the saddest of waysReading page after page of fictional historyAnd weep for her loss, his death and their loveBut I’ll never cry for me. I’ll listen to the tragic love-songs of a lifeWith battles the likes of which I’ll never seeAnd weep for their struggle, the battle and their fightButContinue reading “Tears”

Losing the spice (girls) of life

“Who are you, and what have you done with Zoë?’ I was asked last week while catching up with a friend over Whatsapp. And as I typed the very honest answer: ‘I don’t know. I lost her somewhere around July and haven’t found her since’ – I felt a single tear roll down my cheek.Continue reading “Losing the spice (girls) of life”

Preparing for the unwanted

When it comes to marriage and babies, I am not the typical 1950’s housewife type. Ever since I was young these two particular milestones have been very thoroughly scratched off of my ‘I want dis in mah life’-list. Not because I have any particular qualms against either of the concepts, I just never wanted themContinue reading “Preparing for the unwanted”

Alone – and maybe a little lonely?

The umpteenth rewatch of Burlesque this weekend brought me back around once more to a quote by god-knows-who (it’s been milked so much):‘I may be alone, but I’m not lonely’. And never before has it probably felt more true than in this year of corona-maddened 2020. Because this has suddenly become a harsh reality forContinue reading “Alone – and maybe a little lonely?”