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Get yo nails did. Or not.

Nailpolish has always been a strange concept in my day to day life, I’ve come to realize. It’s always been sort of a luxury, sort of out of place, yet at the same time a necessity. A frustration and mostly an inconvenience yet simultaneously also something that brings me happiness and a sense of beauty. It’s something I very thoroughly like and dislike all at the same time. Nail polish is actually kinda creepy, if you look at it like I have been looking at it for the purpose of this blog….it’s a tool of brain-control!

And all it is is an artificial layer of color put on nails. How can something so insignificant hold so much sway over how I arrange and perceive my daily life?

I personally always liked nail polish and the way it looks. It stops me from biting my nails and it complements an outfit and just finishes a look. My mom used to always have the craziest and most gorgeous artsy nails you’ve ever seen.
Somehow a good manicure conveys an image of ‘being put together’ and having things in order, when you have your nails done, to me. Sadly – I am literally incapable of keeping my nail polish unchipped for longer than a day or 2 so my pride and joy at beautiful nails always quickly transforms at annoyance in their unkempt look. (That shit just takes way too long to actually properly dry without being fucked up, and somehow I ALWAYS have a need to dig through drawers or take out the trash just after I did my nails)

There’s weeks where I make an actual (constant) effort to keep up the perfect nails – and some months where I don’t wear any nail polish at all, but constantly silently admonish myself when the inevitable grubby black lines appear under ever longer nails. But the amount of times it’s on my mind? Insane.

The more I think about it, the stranger it is that something so small can take up so much time in my already too-busy brain to be pondered over. Will I switch colors. Will I take it off. Will I grow my nails out or not. Will I fix the chipped polish or just go for a new coat. So meaningless, yet there’s moments where all of these choices feel like a big deal and something that is very important to be decided upon. Even though it really isn’t.

Worse even:
Most people don’t even like nail polish. Or (too) long nails. Or girls that spend a lot of time doing meaningless things like doing their nails (or worrying about doing their nails). Men especially. Most men don’t even notice these things, unless actively being confronted with them OR only see them when they specifically DON’T like it. Which begs the question – why even bother to begin with. How did nail polish even become a thing. And why is it still around.

And taking the concept of nail polish more broadly:
Why do I constantly find myself worrying over things that I somehow allow to feel important to me, knowing full well that they are not AS important to the people around me, or even noticed at all. Like having perfect nails. Or a boyfriend. Or a tidy house when people come over. Or Or Or….
Nobody particularly cares. So then why do I?

Additionally: why do I even bother to pin my daily mood on something as silly as whether my nails looks nice in the full knowledge that there’s much more poignant issues in the world. Given the chance to take control of my own feelings – why am I choosing to get worked up about something that, in the long run, will not affect my life in the slightest? So then why should it affect my day?

And even more strangely: how is it that I can manage doing something as morose as this to myself, in the full realization that the rest of the world doesn’t care – but at the same time struggle choosing my own needs and opinion in things that are actually important to me? Why can I justify wanting pretty nails, even though no one’s really bothered if they’re plain and do I have trouble connecting with the people I like. Or making the career choices I want. Or taking the chances that I need to – in fear of how the world around me might react?

Why does nail polish hold more power over me than my own happiness?!
I’m telling you. Brain. Control. Device. Conspiracy theory time!

31 thoughts on “Get yo nails did. Or not.

      1. In a past life, I was a hairstylist.

        I no longer look at the hair of strangers and reach for my business card.

        When I did nails, which was as little as possible, I used a quick dry spray so the polish wouldn’t get smudged before the client got home. Or to their car.

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      2. I need this spray in my life.
        And am just in terror now that my hair is ever going to look so bad that a hairdresser would see me and hand me a rescue card xD


  1. “Somehow a good manicure conveys an image of ‘being put together’ and having things in order” – wow! I never thought about it this way, but yes. Brilliant.

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  2. For a while I painted my nails black. As a male, I picked up quite a lot of comments and questions. Older people were puzzled but younger people approved.

    Keeping painted nails tidy is a job. It takes time and patience. If you don’t have time or are not patient, then don’t do it.

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  3. When I was in my 20s and 30s I loved nail polish too. Now I think that it is not actually good for your nails and a little clear polish makes your nails look nice. One think that catches my eye is chipped polish, to me that is like a beacon calling to me. I keep my nails very short, always very clean and with clear polish. I highly recommend it, especially if you like to cook and don’t want to spend a lot of time messing around with your nails. Love and hugs xoxoxo

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  4. I also have a love/hate relationship with getting nails done. Whenever I do it myself, I feel it starts chipping way too soon. The whole process isn’t enjoyable and it’s frustrating that having painted my nails just two or so days ago, I have to do it again. It’s much better when I’m having them done by a professional. That way I’m not obsessing over them as much

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  5. I actually enjoy doing my own nails, I find it quite soothing and since I was never good at drawing(on paper), I enjoy being able to let my creativity out with nail art. But this like everything else, should depend on you/each individual’s liking. It should not be something to fret over.On days where I feel it would be too much of a hassle (we agree on the drying time), I just don’t do it and g o with bare natural nails, that i’m quite content with 🙂 The key I think it just to have clean nails, because while guys or people in general won’t notice whether you have the latest color trend on, nails that are chipped or dirty-looking, do trigger that bit of judgement in people. (maybe more subconsciously linked to hygiene ?)

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    1. I totally agree. It’s those black edges or stains that really grind my gears, never so much the (chipped) nailpolish. But still…once you start…so hard to go natural again…


  6. The shape of my nails make them totally unsuitable for colourful polish, so that is my escape from this brain control thing. But… while my left hand nails always look better – and grow longer – than my right hand, I always have to clip them short to be able to play guitar. So in the end, both hands look shitty. End of story. And no control. Only biting.

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  7. I didn’t get my nails done for the longest time….felt like such a ridiculous luxury, but now, such mixed emotions. It takes time to go to the nail salon, yet it makes me feel better put together. I tried to do my own nails recently and it was a disaster.

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  8. I love painting my nails because I like colors. I do hate that they chip all the time so then you start looking “unkept” but i pick colors that convey my mood of the moment, plus I like retail therapy so it’s something to buy.

    I don’t like super long nails because it becomes very impractical. Also, you’re right. I would always ask my husband what color nails I had on and 100% of the time he was wrong. Sigh. Women compliment my nails so I guess that’s good enough!


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