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Universe eavesdropping

Have you ever noticed how complaining (or nagging) about something that hasn’t happened (yet) or should happen – helps? I swear. I can’t count the times that I voiced my impatience about something and had a genuine ‘speak of the devil’ moment.

Just like the person you’re talking about will always walk in when you’re doing just that. It’s like Facebook switching its advertisements to something you were just talking to your friends about, without either of you checking it out online. And it happens way too often to really be a coincidence, if you ask me. Freaky shit, where apparently the universe just makes things happen, even though it really shouldn’t have any option to.

Last Friday I had just apped my colleagues ‘they’re going to postpone again. Mark my words’ seeing as we’d been waiting another week for a message from a client. And sure enough, not a minute after I’d typed that out – there’s an email in my inbox with exactly that notion. Complaining helps.

(Sadly it didn’t help with winning – my Christmas eve gift was the news we lost my first big deal this year. Shucks.)

Same goes for the service-engineer (or whatever they’re called) who was coming in to work on my boiler/heater this week. They’d given me an 08:00 to 10:00 timewindow (in my damn vacation, where I’m supposed to be sleeping in) and when no one had shown up at 10:55 I decided to call ‘em and check to see whether he’d been cancelled with the lockdown and all, but they’d forgotten to notify me or something.

So here I sat, friggin early on a free day – having been put on hold for 15 minutes. And JUST as someone finally picked up – this dude’s truck pulls up. Speak. Of. The. Fucking. Devil.
(And was there an apology for the hour lateness? NOPE. Douchebag)
((Even worse – the dude then spent 30 minutes ACTIVELY TALKING TO HIMSELF OUT LOUD – only to realize he forgot the right equipment to finish up – GAH)).

Add this to all the times I said I wished a certain song came on the radio, only to have it FINALLY played mere moments after. And the times where I remarked that it’s about damn time that xxx happens, to see it happening right then and there. The times where I picked up the phone to call about a late (food) delivery, or complain about appointments being missed or meetings being late, only to have the people in question show up right as I dialed.

I swear. From now on, whenever I need something to happen – I’ma just voice my discontent out loud. Apparently the universe hear and acts. Or do you think it really IS Facebook eavesdropping :O.

11 thoughts on “Universe eavesdropping

  1. Recently a gas station attendant and I were having a conversation and Siri on my phone chimes in – from the back seat. She gave the best advice: “Sometimes change is a good thing.” Luckily, both the attendant and I heard it. Strange times indeed!


  2. Such a random post but I can totally relate! The other day I was trying to get through on the phone and was put on hold for half an hour. They said the estimated wait time would be 5 minutes. Liars. I was getting impatient waiting in the queue just to speak to an actual human so I started bitching to my husband about it. Seconds later, I hear a voice on the other end. She probably heard me complaining. 🤦‍♀️

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  4. I think it’s BIG SISTER – Zoë, ‘eavesdropping’ (on us, your readers) by means of the comment-section, searching for new blog-material 😁


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