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Clueless – Blissfully Unaware

A lot of the reflecting that I do is brain-related. Or well, I obviously don’t mean the gushy slimy grey matter lump sitting there in your skull, but the brainy things connected to intelligence, or consciousness or awareness and patterns/behaviors that it controls. It’s fun to think about thinking. Or at least, that’s how I feel about it.

But sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to be more clueless than I am right now. I’m saying clueless on purpose, because I definitely wouldn’t wanna be any less ‘smart’ as it were, but I would love to be a lot more not-in-the-know. Do you catch my drift?

There’s a poignant difference for me between clueless and stupid. Being clueless doesn’t make you dumb. It’s not that you’re stupid or that you’re lacking intelligence in any way – but it’s just unconsciously missing (crucial) knowledge. It’s not-knowing without knowing that you don’t know. And to me that feels like a state of magic.

To be blissfully unaware would remove so much constraints and concerns that I experience that I can only imagine how ‘light‘ my life would become.
To live a life without seeing the voids and holes and pitfalls where you just HAVE to find the missing puzzle pieces. To feel whole, even if you aren’t. Ultimate happiness.

It’s like with music and lyrics, right?
Can you remember those moments as a kid where you were just cheerfully blaring along to some song or other, without any concept of the meaning of the texts you were singing (or without even worrying in you were getting the words right?) And do you then also recall the moments where reality hit you in the face like a ton of bricks when the meaning DOES become apparent? And did you ever feel the same about such a song afterwards? Nope. You didn’t. I guarantee it.

I myself have LOADS of examples in that specific area. Most of them quite gruesome.

I mean, I used to LOVE this song ‘Where the wild roses grow’ as a kid. Until at some point you learn that this romantic and eery tune is actually an hommage to a gruesome murder.

Something similar happened to me with Falco and Jeanny. Belting out the tortured ‘JEANNY, QUIT LIVING ON DREAMS’ with that throaty voice as hard as I could – only to discover later that it’s a song sung by the stalker-murderer of a poor girl. Freaky shit.

My mom had the same thing (but a lot less creepy) with ‘La Camisa Negra’ by Juanes. This (according to her) lovely cheery song just HAD to be made into her ringtone because it made her happy every time she heard it. Little did she know the song itself is actually quite a heartbroken dark little ditty. Whoops!
(I still obliged back then in the nokia era and tortured myself downloading the correct tune via limewire and putting it on her phone and setting it as a ringtone)

And DON’T even get me started on ‘If you seek Amy’ by Britney Spears. Remember the riot that song caused back in the days when parents suddenly heard their kids spelling out FUCK in tune with miss Spears? (Can you even imagine our innocence and outrage about something to petty less than a decade ago, with WAP now hitting the charts?). Oh, how we’ve ‘evolved‘ ;).

Anyway. The point remains unchanged regardless of the boatload of examples.

We can love something regardless of (fully) understanding it.

Yet somehow I keep choosing not to do that. Somehow I’ve always had this urge to overanalyze anything in my path instead of opting to remain in the clueless state of blissful unawareness.
By digging in, getting to the bottom of everything and wielding damn Google as a weapon – I do increase my (oftentimes totally irrelevant) knowledge on a myriad of topics, only to subsequently lose my enamored state once I realize the true meaning.

Do I really need to know the origin story of every series that I watch? Do I need to find out the background to the historic novels that I read to better appreciate the drama and love triangles? Do I honestly need to know who discovered my favorite type of candy to better enjoy it? Or does finding out the amount of calories or the effect of the carbohydrates on my weight really improve me enjoying my food? Nope. Nope it doesn’t.

And in that line of thinking: do I really need to know someone’s entire past, present and future before being able to open up to them in any meaningful way? I want so badly to answer ‘no’ to that question, and spend my life living blissfully unaware – but brain keeps saying ‘yes’ and hunting for all of the info. I can’t live not knowing, yet at the same time I’d die to not-know that I don’t know.

20 thoughts on “Clueless – Blissfully Unaware

  1. I tend to dig until I find the answer I’m looking for or not wanting to know. I dislike that I’m that way but I feel as if I can’t be fully happy until I know the whole truth! It’s a blessing and a curse!

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  2. Very interesting and thought provoking.
    Would I rather be unaware of the things I don’t know? No, I wouldn’t. As an INTJ, I need, like you, to fill in the blanks (or voids), because everything needs to make sense. This sense of knowledge and order provides a (false) sense of control. With age, however, I have learnt to be in peace with those voids, many of which will remain there for as long as I live. Even worse (or better, rather), I slowly realise that many of the fundamental things I thought I knew are actually wrong. Unlearning has increased the number of ‘voids’ but, unexpectedly, it has not only made me more agreeable with change and it has also widen my view of… reality?
    I have to agree with you on the songs, though. Some of them sounded so much nicer before the neuronal connection clicked.
    Very nice blog. Thank you for posting.

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    1. ENTJ, here … ‘Same Shit’ but I’m a bit (too) lazy and ‘as such’ not a real controlfreak (by nature). I can be if necessary … but mostly not.

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  3. Cluelessness sound attractive… and at the same time terrifying! But indeed, as the more you know, the more you know you don’t know, it doesn’t really get you any closer to satisfaction. So back to ‘ignorance is bliss’ then? I don’t know… but apparently I do know that I don’t.
    I wanna be a cat and sleep.

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  4. Some (many) see faith in God as stupid, but maybe (really) it’s simply clueless. It’s the evidence of things unseen, after all.

    Great, insightful work. I learn a great deal from what you write.


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  6. I remember the peaceful time of my life when I went on holidays with my parents. I grabbed my comics, and got in the back seat. Almost everything else was handled by my parents, and I was relaxed back there. I could sleep, or read or I even had some knitting spools and see how long a roll before we arrived.

    I think it would fun for you to allow a little serendipity to creep into your life. A coyote walked out on my path yesterday and trotted ahead of me for a few seconds. It was wonderful – let something happen – I would love to read how you are surprised.


    1. That comment may be totally out to lunch but I thought you were trying to control everything – but all we really control in our lives is our attitude. Best wishes on breathing a little easier.


  7. The more I learn, the more I realize that there is so much I don’t know and don’t understand. In fact, there is so much us humans don’t know and don’t understand (about human biology for example).

    We are all pretty clueless.

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  8. Good read. We all are clueless about the purpose. Better to be blissfully unaware. Kids are the real expressions of god. Is it possible for us to become cheerful and always happy like a kid is the quest for life.


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