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Crooked smile

‘It’s ok.’
They tell me.
‘You were just brainwashed,
by him and the scene he painted.’

And I’ll smile a crooked smile
Asking them ‘what brain?’
‘I lost that way before him.’
‘I’ve always been out of my mind.’

‘It’s the heart that he stole.’
‘And the love that he took,
that now leave me feeling empty.’

It’s when their helpful eyes harden
It’s when their helpful words stop
It’s when their helpful hearts turns to pity
And their attempts fall back into silence,
Over time.

They might still say I’ll bounce back.
They might still offer up themselves
They might still try to make me see the good that’s left
And they might think I’ll miss it eventually
In time.

And all I’ll smile is my crooked smile.
Out of my mind and with a hole for a heart.
Knowing they lost before they started,
Just like I’ve lost.


Because you can always talk some sense,
Back into a person…
Where potential is being wasted.
But you can’t glue a shattered heart
back together for another.
No matter how much you want to.
No matter how much you try.

But thank you for trying.

39 thoughts on “Crooked smile

  1. You lost your heart, thats awful, fantastic post by the way, if you really have lost your heart then you can have my heart instead, I have no other use for it so you can keep my heart forever my beautiful blog friend ❤

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      1. Thank you. I think it’s like a healed over scar. It is there, you’re reminded of it frequently enough, but it doesn’t stop you enjoying life again 🥰.

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  2. Love As A Mother
    Persevere As A Father
    Be That
    Child of
    Love Within

    All Worth


    God Flame

    Yes Love

    Never Giving

    Up On Kindling

    Breath Once Again

    Thank You Stranger

    Once Again Someone

    Inspires me Never To

    Give up on A FRiEnD

    Same my


    Did For

    me… my Father Left

    Yet i Feel Shoes

    He Could Not

    Fit And Treat

    FRiEnDS And



    As my

    Mother’s Love

    Limited only


    To Her


    Yet You See

    my Olympics is Love…

    Treat New Friends As

    Old Friends Treat Old

    Friends As New

    Friends For





    In Their

    Silence And

    Depression As

    Only Both The

    Good Father
    And Mother



    Within Will

    Yes Love Fearless For

    All Victory CarrieS on💫

    Today is My Mother’s

    Birthday Passing

    Away 3 Years Ago

    After Falling

    To Her Death

    Bed On Valentine’s

    Day in 2017

    This Gift

    This Love

    Yes This Flame

    This God No




    So Let

    Nike Sell ‘The Shoes’

    Not The Company

    The Goddess

    Of Victory

    Love Still


    Or Returning

    Now to ‘See’

    Once Again Be i Am…🎁🦋

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  3. Sorry for the pain (as a person and friend)
    Happy for the poem (and output like this, from you as an artist)

    Sometimes a broken hart (or any other kind of suffering) apparently is a necessity or condition to create the best ‘art’ … you’ve succeeded

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  4. You’re blessed with a way with words 🌹
    I hope you take care of yourself
    You’re precious, just remember that
    No matter if someone else loves you or not 💕 we’re always here

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