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Lavender Hell

My entire house smells of lavender right now.Which, seeing as it is widely regarded as a pleasant flowery fragrance, shouldn’t normally be too weird of a thing I guess. Unless you know me a little bit better and hence also know that my most HATED scent in the world is lavender. It’s gagworthy to me.Continue reading “Lavender Hell”

(Not that) Easy to Forget

Over the years I’ve grown accustomed to picking my head over my heart when it comes to making a lot of the decisions I make in life. Not without a fight, obviously, because as it so happens – my heart and brain are very seldom on the same page about a lot of things. TheContinue reading “(Not that) Easy to Forget”

Get yo nails did. Or not.

Nailpolish has always been a strange concept in my day to day life, I’ve come to realize. It’s always been sort of a luxury, sort of out of place, yet at the same time a necessity. A frustration and mostly an inconvenience yet simultaneously also something that brings me happiness and a sense of beauty.Continue reading “Get yo nails did. Or not.”

Heart on lockdown

I thought of you, Each time I tried something new, And I stopped trying, So I wouldn’t have to.   I thought of you, Each time I fucked someone new, And I stopped fucking, So I wouldn’t have to.   I thought of you, Every time I drank something new, And I stopped drinking, SoContinue reading “Heart on lockdown”

Stone-age Love

The beautiful thing about books, for me, is the power there is in rereading them. There’s books that feel like old friends, that I’ll pick up every once in a while and read, even though I’ve plowed through them 20 times before. And each time I read them, they’ll make sense to me in differentContinue reading “Stone-age Love”

Universe eavesdropping

Have you ever noticed how complaining (or nagging) about something that hasn’t happened (yet) or should happen – helps? I swear. I can’t count the times that I voiced my impatience about something and had a genuine ‘speak of the devil’ moment. Just like the person you’re talking about will always walk in when you’reContinue reading “Universe eavesdropping”


The past few years I was a firm and committed member of the club of people vowing to ‘only make the resolution to make no New Years Resolutions, cause nobody fucking ever keeps ’em anyway‘. No month-of-January-only gym-memberships that then resulted in a year of (as I like to call it) paying ‘fat-tax‘ for beingContinue reading “Resolutionizing.”

Do(n’t) feed the troll xD!

Move over Kendall Jenner en Kim Kardashian! Internet-fame has embraced me as its newest inhabitant and I shall need my throne polished and shined to its most sparkly capacity! Because – as we all know: the true measure of internet fame is when you start getting haters and the trolls come out of the woodwork!Continue reading “Do(n’t) feed the troll xD!”