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Personal Blogging – Art of repetition

This is the 130th post I will be publishing on since I’ve started annoying you folks from this nook on the internet on the 1st of August (aka, 123 days ago). And just in case numbers aren’t your forte (spoken by the person with a fear for anything math related): That’s a LOT of posts.

These past few months you have had the chance to be witness to my post-breakup-breakdown(s!). And my brave attempts at regaining my footing. You’ve read about my hysterically happy AND incredibly frustrated work-life and pretty much anything in between. Or you read nothing at all and just giggled at the tales of dating horror. It’s all good.

But once you start getting into these numbers (man, I’m shivering at the thought of doing this for a couple of years at this pace) there comes a moment that you first catch yourself repeating something. Or rather – get caught doing so. Happened to me a while back when I called myself the Taylor Swift of Blogging and was promptly confronted by a loyal reader with the fact that I’d already done so a time before that (which I couldn’t remember, to be frank).

Ever since then I’ve been weighing my words a bit more, I noticed. Because somehow, as a writer, we’re brought up with this incessant need to BE ORIGINAL. Always looking for the ways to bring fresh ideas, creative wordings and undiscovered poetry to the world around us. Something that, honestly, is damn right impossible. Not just because we’ve had a few centuries of people writing down their every thought AND the fact that they’ve been documenting that for posterity. But also because most of our brains are just not. Original.

The ‘real‘ inventors, great brains and unique creators of the world are incredibly rare. They are. The people who find vantage points never before viewed, and stories never before told are diamonds between the bland mountain of coals. And if I’m being entirely honest: I don’t exactly aspire to be one of them, anyway.

I’m the type of girl who has NO issue whatsoever reading those spicy harlequin novels where the same shy-but-awesome heroine inevitably ends up with the monstrous-but-actually-kindhearted tough guy (preferably after an arranged, kidnapped or stolen something or other) after they got together and were subsequently torn apart by destiny striking the star-crossed lovers.

Plus, I’m always so happy when Christmas comes around and Netflix overflows with all the cheesy Hallmark movies of the bigshot city girl who for a mysterious (family or workrelated) reason ends up in a ditch of a town in the middle of nowhere, finding the love of her life in an unwilling and damaged hunk of a guy, only to have the big ex show up and cause a scene – before the inevitable happy ending. Every. Single. One. Of those movies – is pretty much the same. The actors, scenery and words might be different, but the story is ever unchanging. And I love that.

People, no matter how averse they might be to admitting it – are creatures of habit. We don’t really get bothered by people repeating a joke, a story or a memory (unless it’s done every 5 minutes in that totally obnoxious way that family guy tends to uphold in their style). We don’t really mind predictability. We don’t really look for shiny new things anymore at a certain point in life. Sure, we can appreciate when people shed a different light on same old patterns, but in the end most of the things we take in are versions of what we already know.

So instead of worrying if I’m still surprising you with my amazing vocabulary and archaic choice of words. And instead of attempting to be that original weirdo always finding new ways to shock and awe – I’m just going to give in to my Hallmark blogger side. And I solemnly promise that the next 130 blogs will still be a medley of heartbreak, dating, work and daily doses of ditziness and most of all: a lot more of the same. Because if I have any skill down to a tee: it’s the art of repetition!
(But I also promise that I won’t actually start reblogging old blogs, however tempting that may be on lazy days! I’ll still be original in my unoriginality!)

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11 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – Art of repetition

  1. Hehe Yeah Creature
    Of Habit
    i Am True
    Not Unlike
    A River
    Also A Tide
    That Goes Out
    Always Returning



    River Banks

    Or Perhaps



    Loyal Wave



    me Very Few

    Waves Like me me




    The me

    As Wind Blows

    Goes And Also



    With i’LL be

    Back TheMe MeMe

    So Many Memories

    This New World






    CuLTuRE Back

    Up WHoLE Yes



    Who Ate

    The Tale

    Returns It Back 🐍

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  2. I didn’t find anything repetitive, may be the hashtags or category, but you’re brutally honest in every thing you write which I really enjoy reading. So keep it coming! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So I actually have been composing a post on this very topic – the joy of sameness – and think it is super awesome that you have made your peace with this very real part of human nature. Self acceptance beats the alternatives, that’s for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 😁.. It would be very, very interesting to meet someone who has new and different thoughts each day, wouldn’t it? And quite odd and scary too! We call it our personal blog for a reason, don’t we, we’re not influencers or trendspotters or anything like that. And… the more you write, repeating yourself or not, the better I get to know you 😉…!

    Liked by 1 person

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