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Personal Blogging – Patterns

As someone with a strong focus on efficiency and a goal-oriented mindset, I’m used to analyzing the things I’m doing (or have done) in order to discern the patterns that will allow me to bend the rules of the game as much to my favor as humanly possible.

The simple fact of life is, after all, that everything has patterns that will help you in doing just that. Whether it’s best practices or easy-to-use loopholes to get around constricting and process-slowing limitations and situations at work. Or asking the right people for the right favors to increase your chances of positive answers. Whether it’s finding the best formulation for requests that might otherwise be denied or organizing your data in such a way that you can always find what you need the quickest – it pays to know your playing field and it helps to maximize your position in that field.

It’s what I’ve always been naturally inclined to do, and have since been taught to hone and improve by many a mentor. The best way of moving forward in life is knowing exactly which ways were the most successful in the past and making sure you always pick the optimal ‘race line’ (for the car-racing fanatics out there).

Now I’m one of those people who has the handicap of not actively separating sections of her life (eg. Work and private) so I’ve also been applying this approach when it comes to blogging. Because no matter how much I write this blog as a personal haven for all that is moi (in all the rebellious topic-selections that go against everything that generally ‘works’) – I would also like for it to be successful in the realm of followers and traffic. I am a vain little insecure twit after all, the virtual support and feather-sticking does a good thing for my daily life-motivation.

So what I’ve come to realize after thorough traffic analysis and constant feed-checking and follower-stalking in the past few months is the following few patterns:

– Mornings are glorious.
When it comes to posting, the posts that generate the most views and followers are those I post early in the day. Which surprises me, seeing as I’d expect people to do most of their blog-reading after work in the chillaxed evening hours. Wrong. Apparently people like to do these things while having their morning coffee. Or on their lunchbreak. Or waiting for their shift to start. Who knew.

– Poetry works.
And it’s not because I can claim any skill as a poet. I know this. Most of my attempts, when reading back, are still at the silly highschool basic-bitch rhyme-scheme level that I had in high school. But even though the poems are a bit iffy at best, they generate a whole lotta likes in whole little amount of time. I suspect it’s because of the easy read, the low amount of words and the quick connections (because they do tend to tap into recognisable feelings). No deep thinking required. A bit of rhyme and you’re good to go (explains the humongous boatload of poetry-only-blogs I come across with 10s of 1000s of followers.

– Weekends are for follows.
I’ve not yet figured out the rootcause to this phenomenon but my theory is that, like myself, a lot of bloggers find some time in their weekends to work on blog-maintenance, where the weekdays are just for posting. Aka – they loop through their feeds, follow for follow and find new and exciting blogs through tags, instead of working on their own content. Because while I’ll find a few followers dripping in during the week, in the weekends is when my notifications explode. I dunno how people bloghop these days (seeing as the last update removed the option to peruse via the reader) but it works. Weekends raise the tally.

Now all I gotta do is find the way to turn this knowledge into a surefire way to complete my masterplan through running a kick-ass blog: Conquer the world.
Should be easy. Right?

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22 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – Patterns

  1. Uh… yeah, Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?

    (Forgive my silliness, but the last paragraph made me think one of Pinky’s rejoinders fit in; especially with the “conquer the world.”)

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  2. If You Want Followers And Likes And Shares Do What
    Everyone Else is Doing For
    The Same Result

    Of So-Called



    If You Want To Be Remembered And
    Named Living Legend
    By The General Audience

    Do What Everyone
    Else Is Afraid To
    Do Who ‘Secretly’
    Wanna Wear Wings
    And Fly With No Fear

    Paint A Sistine
    Chapel Dance
    Naked With No
    Ceiling Floors
    And Walls
    A Rat’s
    Ass But
    Yours of How
    Great Life Feels
    And Senses to Be Free

    For It Is The



    Hopes To

    Bring The Hawk

    Down Yet


    Easily Prey

    Falls to Freedom’s Wings 🦅

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  3. I can tell you I’m much more likely to spend time reading and commenting on days off. (I have today off hence the comment). I analyze patterns too. I save my best material for Friday to Monday. For some reason there is a weekend spillover effect to Mondays on my blog. Good luck with all that world conquering.

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    1. I can confirm the spillover effect as well – although, strangely – Wednesdays are statistically always my best days. Maybe I write my best material in the madness of the halfway-week mark? :O

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  4. Very nice, Zoe. Helpful and also strong, clear and concise writing which is something I appreciate. Love that brain of yours. The morning thing – for me it’s the only true quiet time and I suspect that is the case for many people. I practice guitar from 7 to 10 each night. Prior to that I get at least an hour of outdoor exercise in. There is dinner to contend with and work before that. I stick to the paperwhite kindle at night to avoid blue light. Thus it’s allll about classic literature after 10.
    Many people have children and spouses they must attend to at night, and television’s. So all of this is a very long winded way of saying I’m not surprised that morning is blog read primetime. A lot of people with families or ambitious single people like myself who strive toward some personal goals after work.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Three hours?!
      That’s a solid practice window! You’ll be great in no time. Love how strong your routine is, and focused. I should take a hint from that kind of life-hacks instead of throwing in the towel after logging off my computer, hahaha!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Here’s a BIG feather for this “vain little insecure twit.” You made me smile once again (and that ain’t easy these days).
    I hope this “virtual support and feather-sticking does a good thing for” your “daily life-motivation” (so – as an effect – you will KEEP writing (and I will have the chance to keep reading and smiling)). 😉
    Thank you!

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  6. I usually make my posts early morning 6-7AM then I read for an hour, so I am seeing many posts at that time of day. I get to come back at or around lunch time (like now) and comment/re-read people I follow. The weekend follow thing is odd, as opposed to any other time, I mean for me if I read an exceptional post I dig deeper into the blog to see if this is someone I want to follow and if it is I just follow at that time. No rhyme or reason. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suppose that, considering more people possibly find time to read in the weekends and thus do the read-follow pattern then, that would make sense of the weekend thing as well!
      Mysteries solvedddd!


  7. Loved your post – Especially the paragraph on Poetry!! I think you are underestimating yourself, Dear! Poetry is not required to rhyme! Yeah. It is one of the best ways to capture and communicate so much, Love, pain, loss! See my:

    A Flickering Soul – This was a piece I was asked to recite at a friend’s wife’s memorial.

    You may also enjoy a really fantastic book on poetry. I think you would love this:
    On Amazon – Poemcrazy – Freeing Your Life With Words – I loved it!


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