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The burn

I let the heat engulf my body,
As I slide into the water slow.
Slip my head beneath the surface,
And ponder what I know…

While my oxygen runs out,
And my chest begins to burn,
Like it has these past few months,
When I was forced to learn…

That I will be alone,
Not just in this porcelain tomb,
With my head under a mirror of water
In a fight to catch the breath,
That’s eluded me so long

And as my lips now part,
To let the water take me,
I open my eyes to glimpse that world above the surface

I forgot I put the bath gel in,
Before slipping into those angsty corners
Of the mind in that foamy tub.

IT burns. It burns.
As bright as we once did.
And as painfully as the ending.

So I think

But at least I’ll smell like roses.

18 thoughts on “The burn

      1. Yup, I for some reason developed contact dermatitis at 28, and also could no longer wear anything not made of 100% cotton. The (woollen) socks I previously wore made my toes bleed πŸ˜†. So no more soap for me! I use prescription emollient developed for people like me πŸ˜†. And I also can’t live without a humidifier.

        So yeah a bubble bath would now be like bathing in stinging nettles or shards of glass πŸ˜…. And yet I have memories of doing that with no probs! I have always been a sensitive person but yeah it really takes the piss. I also can’t use shampoo on my hair cos it destroys it lol (I just use conditioner).


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