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Opposite Utility

The knife-block in my kitchen has a ‘bad‘ knife in it. Something I regularly find out when I end up trying to staunch the bleeding from the umpteenth cut it’s cost me. Stupid knife.

I’m not saying that it’s bad in a badboy kinda way, obviously. It doesn’t drive a motorcycle without a helmet, or takes lollipops from children and it doesn’t wear denim on denim. It’s not that kind of bad (most knives aren’t, I think). But it’s bad none the less.

I present thee the evidence:

Evil knife on the right – obviously

You see – I was preparing a pasta just now (yes, I cook in the middle of the day or else I end up too lazy to do it at all). And while I was chopping up a boatload of garlic (and I mean, a lot of it – I multiply every recipe garlic suggestion by 5) – I put my hand over the top of it to do that fancy dicing motion all those Japanese chefs have down to a tee. Et voila. Fresh new cut in my poor innocent hand. Because this knife, yo – this knife IS BAD. The cutting edge is on the exact opposite side of EVERY OTHER KNIFE I OWN!
Which means more often than not that I pick it up wrong, or make this mistake, or find other ways to unsuspectingly get reminded of the fact that this knife is bad. By cutting myself on the sharp edge, assuming it’s the dull part.

The thing is though – as I realized while I was holding my hand under the faucet in an attempt to staunch the bleeding – I fear that I am looking at the knife in entirely the wrong way. Just as I often look at people around me the wrong way. And they look at me wrong, just the same (analogy incoming).

Because objectively looking at it – there is nothing wrong with that knife. That knife is just the way it’s always been. The way it’s been designed. They way it was meant to be. It’s just what it is. It’s its perfect knifey self.
It’s just that my perception of who I feel that knife SHOULD be is wrong. And my way of handling said knife, is incorrect. And my calling the knife ‘bad‘ is uncalled for, just because I’m bad with knives.

Calling that knife bad suggests that I feel that the knife SHOULD change to better suit my needs (which I do feel, honestly). That it should be what I WANT it to be, instead of what it is for the mere reason that I say so. And that? That’s pretty much insane. Because no matter how I FEEL about that knife and it’s qualities – it’s never going to change because of my feelings. Mostly because it literally can’t, but honestly, if judging it fairly, also because it shouldn’t.

It’s just like with people, really.
And there’s definitely a motivational message in that analogy.

Because no matter how much you feel like you should change to better suit the people around you. No matter how much you can feel useless because they don’t see your potential or don’t know how to bring out your strengths. And just because you might unknowingly hurt them just by being who you are – doesn’t mean YOU are the one that’s built wrong. They just need to get their act together and see you for what you are. Just the way you were meant to be.

A wonky kitchen knife.

42 thoughts on “Opposite Utility

  1. I love this so much. 😍🤩😍

    Plus, it’s given me an image of a rogue knife in a biker jacket, hopping around a kitchen, leaving little holes in the work surfaces, trying to look cool to impress all the forks.

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  2. I wish I were a knife and could cut people every time they understand me wrong and don’t like the way I am hèhèhè…
    No but seriously… it’s a nice analogy and I spend a lot of time trying to find out what kind of knife I am, in the eyes of others…

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  3. Mmmm, perhaps you should give that knife the chop if it cuts you up so much 🙂 I hope your finger is OK. My favourite knife is an odd fish filleting knife because the blade is so sharp and thin. I use it for almost everything!

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    1. Wait – are you allowed to have filleting knives you can’t…yaknow….fillet?
      If so I might have to consider that suggestion of throwing this one out in favor of one of those 🤣

      The fingers are fine – the palm took the hit (but it’s quite a superficial cut, luckily)

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  4. While I do agree and thank you for the analogy with the motivational message…..I still think you should throw that knife into a volcano along with its negative energy. Some knives, some objects, some people just don’t deserve our touch any longer. They will just keep cutting us or opening previous cuts again and again. Tho I don’t recommend throwing people into a volcano.

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  5. I so much love your analogy, with the motivational message. The thing is, most times we don’t design ourselves well enough the way we want to be seen by people.
    Even if you try to adjust your self to suit those damn people they won’t still be comfortable, so live your life the way you want it and forget about how others see you, does it even matter?
    I hope you’re good now?

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  6. Maybe the knife is dull? Knives need self care (sharpening) every few years to keep them sharp. Getting it sharpened is like going to therapy… Or a haircut, lol. That said, some knives aren’t worth having around. Like shitty people. I dunno, I’m tired 🤷😅

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  7. Ditch the knife, he’s no good for you. You should settle down with a nice little garlic crusher instead — that doesn’t have any sharp blades at all.

    On a side note, the first time I cooked a chilli, I didn’t realise there was a difference between a clove of garlic and a bulb. That chilli was strong!

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    1. Haha – I do have a garlic crusher!
      But somehow I always end up dropping the little bin filled with garlic remains in the sauce while clumsily trying to put the next batch in….I am not a kitchen goddess..

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