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Personal Blogging – The voice

Once you start really ‘getting into’ blogging – you discover a world full of people that have something to say. There’s an insane amount of bloggers out there in the universe (a freakishly high amount of which seem to reside in India, where blogging is still hot and happening, apparently) and each and every one of them has their own (slightly unique but sometimes also very generic) view on the world. A view that they express in their choice of topics, choice of lay-out and most importantly: in their writing.

Because (as every ‘how-to-blog’ guide will tell you) the first and foremost thing one should do when they start up a blog is: ‘Find your writing voice.’

Now. Up until four months ago I had NEVER even heard of this concept of ‘voice’. Even though I’ve been writing for a good portion of my life, the terminology had never before graced my ears.

But this ‘voice’ one should have is (so I’m told in the many blogs I read on said topic) the personification of the complex human behind the screen into the text that they write. Ideally – that voice reflects personality, it conveys intent and values and it SCREAMS ‘this is me’ in every word on every page. It is the writer taken form in writing, so to say.

The thing is: it is not a natural process for everyone (seemingly) to ‘find the voice’ right from the get-go. I personally find that hard to imagine, but the number of writers that find it in their hearts to help others locate, embrace and develop their ‘voice’ is astounding. And thus, this sort of help is obviously very valuable to those who are looking and not yet finding, or who are struggling in putting ‘themselves’ into words.

I love the fact that there’s people in the blogging community who have a grip on the concept of ‘voice’ enough to think outside of the box of ‘them’ and work in terms of others to help them evolve their writing. I, however, never really had to delve into the concept of ‘voice’ however and thus am hopelessly lacking in that particular knowledge department.

Not to toot my own horn (even though that’s exactly what I’m doing) – but I’ve always written like ‘this’. The quest for my voice was never even a quest, as it’s always been a natural part of my writing. And it’s appreciated by all you lovely folk out there hitting the comment and follow buttons as I am often told (something that still makes me blush, just fyi). So voice-wise, I think I’m all set and good to go.

Sadly, though, I myself also like my particular sort of voice. A lot. I like the way I write, and I love reading other write-ups that ‘match’ my style. If prompted to describe my blog I’d say it’s a mix between cynical realism and humoristic normalcy, interwoven with a twist of psychological depth. BAM. Punchline. And that mixture of humor, sarcasm, reflection and basic-bitch-ness comes through in my choice of words (I hope). Something which I also actively look for in the (loads of) blogs that I visit.

In that I do concur with all the blog-help posts: ‘the voice‘ is the part of writing that speaks to you as a reader. That invisible link to the writer that you can (and want to) connect with. Hard to pinpoint, even harder to describe, but inevitably dreadfully important.

Thing is – I’m not really having much luck in finding similar style blogs out there, so far.
I’ve found (a sizeable amount of) gems, mind you. There’s writers I follow who see the world through my same sort of ever-doubting and smiling lens. And bloggers that have the art of journaling and brain-exploration down to a tee. There’s brilliant writers who mix poetry with daily stirrings and interesting exploits. They ARE there. But usually specialized (they only do one part, and then do that very well) or just not that committed (posting once in a blue moon, if at all). But in my search to find really likeminded souls writing in styles that match my own, I’m mostly coming up blank too much for my taste.

When it comes to ‘voice’ I’m wondering if I really do have a ‘voice’ and if so, where are the others that have a ‘voice’ like mine? Am I looking in the wrong places? Should I be checking the local McDonald’s for other fast-food junkies with a penchant for wine and blogging about dating struggles? Or am I just grasping this concept of ‘voice’ all wrong and SHOULD it be totally and entirely unique (which would mean the whole ‘niche’-finding drama a lot of people go through makes no sense at all).

Oh – and IF you do know of some blogs that strike you as similar to the weirdness going on up in here…be sure to let me know!

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64 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – The voice

  1. Well since I of course have just started following you and your blog, I can’t say that if you have or don’t have a “voice” but I think a better question is: “Is that important?” I am reaching five years of blogging next year, (not counting a few hiatusses (yes I know that’s not a proper English word lol) due to health reasons) but one of the most important things there is in blogging is: Having fun! 😊
    I’ve never really been interested in stats or how well a post does. Sure, if nobody reads my stuff, that would eventually become a little bit annoying. But well, I have always tried to have fun with my blog. I write about a, pardon my French, shitload of topics. Some do well, some don’t but one of the most fun aspects of blogging for me is the interacting with people. Without that, things would become really boring, really fast.
    Getting back to your blog: I’m at the limit of the blogs that I follow, there’s only so many hours in a day and you can’t follow everyone. I do make exceptions, like I did for your blog. And that’s because I liked the style of your writing. It’s got humor, it’s not boring, and so far the posts that I have checked out are great. So I wouldn’t worry too much about finding a voice. People will follow you if they like your content and the way your write: and since you have over 1100 WordPress followers alone, I think you are doing just fine in finding an audience! So all I can say is: keep doing what you are doing, and most importantly: have fun! 😀

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    1. Your ‘one of the most’ important things is, arguably THE most important thing imho 😇

      But the overachiever in me just has this urge to also do things ‘right’ in the eyes of the masters, I guess 😜🤭
      Conformity is my middle name…right next to rebel 😆

      So glad to hear I was worth that exception!
      Compliments like that really hit home, thank you!

      Much fun WILL be had – that’s a solemn promise!

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  2. If I read too many of these blogs that tell you how to write a good blog I find that I have to stop and check what I’ve written and keep changing it, so I find it easier to just write simple sentences otherwise I end up sitting at the computer for hours!
    You write very flowingly and very easy to read

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  3. SMiLes… i Don’t Write
    to: Please… i Write to: Free
    From: me…🦅

    It’s Always
    Enough This Way…

    i Mean Really
    How many

    Do ‘You’





    Just As Is…

    Being Wind…

    Or A Cloud

    Way up



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  4. I personally just write without thinking too much about it. If I think too hard, it makes whatever I post feel stilted and unnatural. Sometimes quotes, sometimes poetry, too often mindless drivel, occasionally something that might look like fiction if you squint and spin around until you’re slightly dizzy before reading it.

    After nearly 20 years of doing this blogging thing, it seems to have worked better (for me) than any other “voice” I’ve tried to emulate. For others, mileage may vary.

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  5. Sometimes you find people out there who, just because of who they are, because of how they say things, just because of the way they always seem to connect in a way that leaves you feeling glad they are there, and fuels you with a little more hope than you had before they showed up.

    But that might just be me. I have needed a ridiculous amount of emergency mid-air fuelling lately.

    Hugs and penguins, Zoe 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

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  6. Blogging isn’t hot and happening in India. There are a lot of on here because there are just a lot of us, 1.3bn to be precise. 😛

    I agree, it’s rare to find blogs that are relatable. I also agree that there is a lot of repetitive content on here. But I really like reading content that bloggers from around the world post here – I get an insight into their world – which is fun and fascinating.

    Like Billy Mann says – “embrace the difference”!

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  7. I’m in a similar predicament. Like you I choose to follow a lot of blogs because of a handful of posts feel like the kind of writing I want to both read and produce. But it’s inconsistent and ultimately veers off course from the writing I was hoping to consume.

    But it also eventually comes back, now and then.

    So I keep coming back to blogs that aren’t quite perfect. Because nobody’s perfect (not even – gasp – me!). And because intermittent rewards are just that effective (thanks, game theory). And I really don’t want to go back to social media memes and rants as my connection to humanity. I like the blogosphere much better, flawed as it is.

    Not advocating this approach, just sharing for hive mind purposes.

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  8. For what it’s worth I will stick my two cents worth in (must be worth two cents?). My observation is that you just have to, as the current vernacular says (and I hope I’m using it right), do you. You are a unique individual just like everyone else. I don’t think about stats or number of followers, especially WP followers, I just put down what I want and if someone likes it, fine. I’m not an English teacher so I don’t know much about what “voice” really is suppose to be.

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  9. I don’t think you’re looking for voice wrong, but I do wonder why you want to find someone with the same voice as you? You could definitely find writers who expand on the same topics you do. You could find people with the same tone (maybe) or the same sense of humour (possibly) but the same voice seems……hard.
    When I think of the voice in my head and the voice I record, they just aren’t the same. When I think of the voice I write with…well, perhaps that is too edited, or too controlled, or sometime overthought.
    I would love to point you in the direction of someone whose voice was like your own, but voices are unique. You could find a complementary voice, but probably not a matching one.

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  10. I was told by someone who had been with DLTDGB since the beginning (but doesn’t write or read much anymore, knowing her she’s probably just busy with life) that I wrote with a very consistent voice. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds like a compliment… I’m just telling stories the way I always tell stories.

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  11. I have been following your blog since I started here. Till date I can’t remember a single post where I felt anything else but happy and always left with a smirk on my face. Captivating someone with your writing is an art and I feel you have excelled with that art uniquely. So I wouldn’t worry about the “Voice”.

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  12. This is why I find you so relatable! I too never went on a quest for a writing voice. I have always written in “my voice.” Delicate and brutal with some F bombs thrown in for good measure! My writing is honest, raw, and sometimes uncomfortable, with a smattering of humor. But it’s always 100% me!

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  13. I actualy loved your voice here… i’m a wanna be funny and witty writer but it only comes out in a blue moon. I think we all find our voice and it’s important to enjoy our own writing. Kuddos to you you have and I do as well. ❤️ Cindy

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  14. I haven’t been looking for “my voice”. I just write. About the things I like. It’s also my distraction. My own kingdom. I have learnt that my blog is my kingdom and I do what I want there.

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  15. Blogging is an art which I have got from you. In every blog there is a voice. Now how far this voice moves to the readers , that’s a question. Your writing style is superb and witty. So keep it up. Thank you.

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