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From bad to worse

Can you relate?
Sometimes I watch things that are SO painfully accurate for my life that I just sit there nodding my head: ‘Yup. That’sa me.’
And coincidentally: that’s recognition is VERY rarely a positive occasions. It’s usually the painful ‘Oh god. Preach.’

Iliza says it perfectly (and a lot more fun when you actually watch the clip, mind you):
There’s a pinnacle of attractiveness that every woman is capable of reaching. Meaning once we’ve gotten ready there’s a point where we’re done and we ain’t getting any hotter. Okay?!

I almost died at that point. Because it’s SO DAMN ON POINT.
And as I installed myself in front of my mirror today, trying to glue on a face that was capable of being taken into the outside world – I LAPSED INTO THAT SAME ERROR. I kept going. After I was already done.

Big. Fucking. Mistake.

I can NOT count the times where, after applying a great basic pretty layer of make-up I ventured back into the bathroom for a 15th time, ‘since I still have ten minutes before I have to leave‘ and THEN (and only then) deciding that a RAD color of lipliner with added lipstick would make total sense. Let me tell you. I ain’t made for lip-embellishment. Not in the applying, nor in the wearing of it. BUT I FALL FOR IT EVERY DAMN TIME.

And do you know what happens when you color outside of the lines with a bright red lipliner, folks?
You’re fucking doomed. Because you’ll try to correct in. Then smudge it further outside of the edges. Get it on your fingertip. Smear it over your cheek in a panicked attempt to lessen the smudge. Then grab a wipe and try to fix that mess, only to punch a hole in your foundation and from there it’s a slippery slope back into Joker-territory.

Guess who’s going to her (superplatonic!) kittencuddle date with a very pink glowy VERY freshly scrubbed face. Without lipstick?
Me. It’s me.
Cause I fell in the same goddamned old trap AGAIN.

But hey. I get to cuddle kittens. YAY KITTENS!

17 thoughts on “From bad to worse

  1. Sometimes A Photo Hehe Even a Gif Says it ALL
    This is my Wife A Few Weeks Ago at the Beach
    In Between Hurricanes in the Panhandle of
    Florida at 50 Years-OId Her Name is
    Katrina But Greater Than Any
    Hurricane Alone as is

    By The Way i Live
    in Heaven in this
    Place of Paradise
    Eve Never ages Never
    Wears Make-up And Only
    Eats Snacks in Her Lazy-Girl
    Chair And Shops to Her Heart’s
    Content While i Dance In Public
    Just for Fun at 60.. in Other Words
    She Never Goes to the Gym and
    Won’t even take advantage of
    The One In Our Home
    She is Just
    one of
    Perfect and
    Enough Just as is now…

    How did this Happen… So Poor
    When We Got Married as Legend
    Has it 31-Years-ago indeed i Just
    Said Marry Me And Voila Never Age

    The Rest is both History and Herstory too.. hehe…

    It’s Election Day
    i’M in a Great
    Mood this
    is the


    Just enough as is..

    Naked No Suits or
    Make-Ups Needed

    And Never Age for Now….

    As Every Every Day Evolves Happier now…

    i am No Polly Anna Just Peter Pan for Real HAha

    Met A Few Wendy’s and Tinker Bell’s along the Way Butt Goddess Stays…

    Do You Believe in Magic; If You Don’t You May Really Be Missing Out From

    A ‘Corporate’ World..;)

    – Pan

    Really Just
    Pan From the Forest…

    And All These Frigging Words..;)

    Ah Pictures Pictures Gifs Gifs Do Do So Much More…:)


    Moral oF A STory

    TRuE NoW

    Never Say

    Never Live

    In Ever Land Now Forever

    In YouR Own Never Ending Story

    Happily Ever After Is Real too As

    We Do Create or Do Not Create Now

    Problem is Most Folks Do Not Believe in Magic and




    Do it…


    A Real

    Goddess of

    Victory Now..:)


      1. After Years of Study In Free Verse Dance
        And Song Also Known AND Felt as Poetry the
        Conclusion i Reach in 298 Experiments
        Reaching Age 60 Just Like ‘This Bonus
        Gif’ Below too is if More Dudes
        Do Come to
        And Dance
        Never Ever Will
        They Be Lost
        Boys From What is
        Fair and Beautiful For Real…

        Once again the

        -Real Pan of Forest
        And The Whole Beach too…

        Just Breezing Thru Free As The WinD iN Election Day Joy…


  2. Ooh heck that was soo on point!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The makeup thing. That is 10/10 relatable and it so happens all the time especially with lipsticks!!! *rolls eyes*

    And then I end up looking worse than I did with no makeup. Lol


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  3. She was very entertaining, Nature Granola Bars, I can relate, I have them in every purse, vehicle whatever….JUST IN CASE. lol
    I’m sure your fresh scrubbed look was just, or more, attractive than the makeup look but, I’m older. I just decided to not piss my time away with makeup, hair is another story………………:-)
    Great post !


  4. I’ve been wanting a kitten for awhile but I’m still living with my grandmother and she doesn’t want pets so when I move out (hopefully next year) I’ll be able to get me a kitten


  5. If letting hair grow turned me into kitten dude, I’d be cool with it. But I have seen beard dude, and I’m not cool with him. Beard hair is not fluffy kitten fur.
    So if I have too long to get ready, I tend to notice stuff like how the shave could be closer… looks like I missed a bit… etc…
    and what was a perfectly acceptable shave turns into a minefield of razor cuts.

    Even worse, I heal and return for sequels.


  6. I tried a new lip gloss a couple of weeks ago, heading out to dinner with hubby. Well, after I had devoured my starter of chicken wings, hubby quietly leans forward and says “you look like we’ve just been having a very good time” and laughed. I took out my phone to have a look and OH DEAR GOD!! The state of me was hilarious!!


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