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‘You should totally write a book’-prompts

‘Why don’t you just write a book?’ They’ll ask me, when they find out I blog. And like writing. And write, a lot. ‘Well, Wanda. You go for a ten minute run every Monday. Why don’t you just go run a marathon eh? No? Right.’ I’ll reply.‘And your kid is taking swimming lessons, isn’t he?Continue reading “‘You should totally write a book’-prompts”

Roadrage and first impressions

A good (and way too large) chunk of my life was been spent on the hard-as-fuck quest to be liked by the many. Or rather, the all. Everyone, always, anywhere. It’s an impossible one in it’s most basic form, because it is a fact of life that you will never in a million years beContinue reading “Roadrage and first impressions”

Sucker for an audience.

I love watching and commenting on things. Snippy, witty (or snide) remarks followed by random factoids or weird additions. Silly observations or judgments clad in (dark) humor and wrapped in ‘oh but I’m a girl so that obviously wasn’t meant TOO mean‘. Whether it’s a sportsgame or people passing by while perched on a safeContinue reading “Sucker for an audience.”

Rerun Rebounds

Sometimes things I read on the internet stick to my brain. After all, everything we read on the internet is true, right? So just imagine how much wisdom there’s just there to be had, right at our fingertips. It’s AM-AH-ZING.(Ok. After reading some of the (alien) conspiracy/flat earther/horoscopey blogs that ARE out there, ya mightContinue reading “Rerun Rebounds”

Pillow Problems

It’s now been four months since Bertus has been in my life.And while I hear you wondering who Bertus is by now, I will obviously be telling you. Show a little patience, you. Bertus is a pregnancy pillow. Named thusly as it’s previously intended name (‘Henk‘) became a less viable choice after I matched oneContinue reading “Pillow Problems”

Personal Blogging – Out for the count

Two months to the day. It’s been two months, today. I published my first blog post on August 1st 2020: Cheers to fresh starts! It was a dreary Saturday, almost a month after ‘the break-up‘ and I felt like I needed back a part of my life that I lost when it ended between us.Continue reading “Personal Blogging – Out for the count”