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Personal Blogging – The personal touch

The ‘Personal blogging‘ series here on this little blog o’mine affords me THE perfect opportunity to tell you, my readers and the rest of the world my views on blogging (aka: the why, and how and when of it). It’s not a ‘how-to‘ blog manual in any sense of the word, although I do hope it provides some insight and possible tips and tricks for those interested in venturing into the world of blogging (and the ‘personal’ blogging niche). Mostly, though, it’s just the way I look at it. Because I can.

When it comes to blogging – the question I am asked most often is really quite simple (although it comes in a lot of different variations):

‘How the hell do you manage to write a blog every day, you maniac?!’

First of all – let me tell you: that is an utter coincidence! There’s no method to the madness. I write when I feel like it, if I feel like it, at such times that I feel like it and/or it is convenient. Which, so far, happens to be daily. But it’s not a goal or must in any way. And yet, routine somehow seems to be the golden rule when it comes to blogging (which I can’t deal with, because then it’d become a chore and I’d start procrastinating, as I do with all my ‘have-to’s)

Every day my feed of blogs features at least one (but usually more like 4 or 5) blogs that outline THE best factors to successful blogging. Which, in reality, is pretty much every blogger rehashing the same age-old tips and tricks for blogging, generating traffic and gaining followers:

Post. Consistently. Interestingly. Cleanly and correctly. Openly. Interactively and fitting-to-a-niche-y.

None of which will (I hope) ever really be a surprise to anyone. Yet somehow, most days, when I do open one of these posts – I usually have to conclude that I’m doing a lot of things wrong (where my stats kinda suggest that that’s not the case).

The reason for that is simple: There is NO ‘one twue way‘. There’s no formula for success. No steps you HAVE to follow. Although, obviously, most of these tips hold merit and are so often repeated for a reason. They do work. But they’re not perfect or infallible. Especially the ‘niche‘ thing. Ya gotta (apparently) pick a niche and stick with it. No posting book reviews on beauty blogs. Or discussing personal insights on poetry blogs. And deeeeefinitely no posting fluffy unicorn memes on dark and deep personal distress blogs. Which, in my eyes, is complete and utter bullshit. So the beauty of choosing personal blogging as a ‘niche’ (still not convinced it even IS one, I think I mighta just made it up)? You’re not bound to any one topic. Anything that matters to me, goes around here. Tada!

So when it comes to that question:
‘How the hell do you manage to write a blog every day, you maniac?!’

It’s because I’m obsessed with myself and NEED to let the world know that. Just kidding (ok, maybe a little true).

But on the whole topic of writing daily: I don’t. Not on purpose, anyway. I write because I feel like it. And THAT (at least, I feel like) is THE main factor in keeping up a ‘personal‘ blog. When you choose to journal online, when you choose to share your life with the world (and virtual strangers) and when you choose to go into things that are actually happening in your day-to-day life and matter to YOU – you have to do it at your own pace. Your own time. And your own terms.

A lot of blogging tips (for other niches) focus on writing things your audience might find interesting. Or relate to. Or feel a part of. They go into writing for interaction, pulling in readers with questions or polls. They suggest picking topics that are ‘hype‘ or ‘happening‘ or that will speak to the broadest possible group of people. And well, honestly, none of that really works for genuine personal blogging, if you ask me.

When it comes to writing – I write about me. In some way, shape or form all my blogs are connected to who I am, what I do or (mostly) what I feel and struggle with. As a person. Not as a writer trying to grip an audience. Interaction is bonus. Relatability a plus. But never a goal. So when it comes to blogging – I blog about (my) life.

And coincidentally – I happen to do a lot of living every day of mine. Which, as you probably understand, means that most days that I draw breath, I also do, experience and find things that are (to me, at least) interesting to write about. Life, as said in the famous words of Anne (obviously with an E) – holds a LOT of scope for the imagination. They’re not always big topics (as proven by me blogging about cows in pastures, or contact lenses or simple things like cleaning the house) but they’re all relevant to me and my brain. And thus, in my wonky perception, also worthy to be shared. Which I do. Here. Because I can.

The entire beauty of being a ‘personal’ blogger? All I gotta do is tell you about me and I can’t really go wrong. All this blog needs is a personal touch. And boy, do I luv me sum (rulefree) touchin’!

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25 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – The personal touch

  1. Thanks, I was wondering about that! I blogged for years, and had quite a lot of followers, and lovely interaction with them. Then I came back, and most of those followers are no more, and I don’t know quite which way to go to get that interaction again. Like you said, most people advise you to choose a niche, and I thought that would be way too boring. So, I’ll stick to what I’m doing,maybe just more often. 🙂

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  2. Hehe too
    Big to
    Get interrupted
    Now i Did things
    i Didn’t wanna
    Do At
    No Longer
    i Serve
    More than
    It’s Becoming
    To Keep
    Wings Hehe
    Fly WHere Ya Want
    For i Do Look
    Too it’s
    Wings More🦅

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  3. Good for you. You do you. My first blog on here was like yours, I wrote about what was on my mind.

    Of course, now I’m writing to a very specific and unusual niche, and in two years of this blog I have more followers than I did from five years of my old blog… but I don’t care.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This is inspiring. And I’m like you too. I write whenever I feel like it and that happens to be on a daily basis. :)) I also think it’s a simple and plain discipline to write every day and make it a habit.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. I’ve tried sticking to a niche in the past, and I can’t. I will quickly get bored of whatever niche I picked and find myself wanting to blog about something else… So I do.

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  6. Genius. Maybe that’s why I can’t find a “niche” that suits me. I always preferred to write about me (add me to the list —maybe quite self obsessed —but I like writing about me)..

    The personal touch goes a long way👍🏽🧡 xx

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I really enjoyed reading you post. I laughed when you talked about the “finding a niche situation”. Ohhh I have tried, but I just never can manage to understand how people can do it lol. I will answer the same next time I am asked: “it is personal blogging”, such a great answer! I mean, if we restrict our train of thoughts even on our own blog, what is the point in blogging? For a lot of people, that seems great and I am so happy that they are happy with a niche but it is definitely not my thing either! 😂

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Thank you for stopping by the Deskraven Blog! I wanted to return the favor and was pleased to see your tips and tricks for our shared interest. I dig your no nonsense approach to writing what you feel despite your niche. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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