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Remember that post I did a while back on how I was super unexpectedly connecting over Pokémon Go with a colleague (jezus, was that already almost two months ago?)? After which I got straight back into being a Poké-addict, even putting my friend code in my footer and joining a PokéGo-forum? Doesn’t matter!!

Because no matter how fun that happenstance might’ve been – yesterday? YESTERDAY TOPS THAT. By miles. A landslide. By two universes and the three stars in between. Ok. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration (I’m still ‘I exercised‘-hyper: that state of bouncy excitement AFTER you workout BEFORE you break down into AUTSCH!). And again – it’s because of Pokémon Go. Go figure (see what I did there?).

I had myself a meet cute!
An actual one!
And yes, I totally stole that from ‘The Holiday‘.

This past week I’ve been taking it upon myself to get my fat ass off the couch and out into the real world for some much needed fresh air and exercise. Now that lockdown banned teamsports and abruptly ended our softball season. I’ve started skating again.

Mostly because I can’t run (nor would I ever want to do anything like it) and walking makes me cry. And also because it’s supposedly good for the hips (which I haven’t been able to discern yet through the BURNING AGONY it causes me after a mere 10 minutes of it). Who am I kidding. It’s for that game. But I’ve been skating. Mostly to catch Pokémon and hatch my eggs, to be fair. Exercise and burning calories is just a bonus.

Anyway. So there’s three Pokégyms within a 10 minute skate from my house, which are all easily reached with the lap that I’ve grown the habit to make while skating (I did 3 7.5km runs this week, WHUT?!). So I skate past the gyms first, claim them, pick up some items and then continue my route. And when I swing back I do the same, checking whether they’re still up and pick up another round.

LO AND BEHOLD. The first day my gyms were already reclaimed while I was still en route and before I got back. The second day, however, they were still red when I returned. And yesterday one of them switched from red to yellow AS I SAT DOWN (on a bench in front of one of these gyms, which happens to be the church next to my supermarket). With only one culprit available – a fit as fuck looking guy MY FRIGGIN AGE that seemingly had just exited the supermarket, phone still in hand.

Of course I quickly retook the gym (are you equally super excited about reading about Pokémon stories?) and sure enough, his head popped up when he saw it turn yellow-to-red and quickly spotted me. Fast forward to about 20 minutes later, after he had joined me on the bench and we casually chatted about Pokémon being an exercise excuse, the game and bitched about who got to have the gym (I agreed he could have it, but stole it right back just now when I went for another round). I was getting cold so I decided to head off, and he had to get back to whatever the hell he was planning to do.

Queue filmreel moment:
He walks off, I (clumsily) skate away and quip ‘battle-see you next time!‘ like the idiot that I am. And he LITERALLY does a movie-worthy look-over-the-shoulder move with and added questioning (but in my imagination hopeful) ‘Next week?-wink-. To which I promptly replied a cheeky ‘Maybe, if you’re lucky.‘. I swear I heard him snicker when he kept walking. I just hope it was at my answer, not at my skating skills (non-existent).

And meanwhile my brain goes:
Wait. Do I have a Pokédate now?
Wait. I told myself I wasn’t into dating anymore.

Stop it. He’s probably gay. Or engaged to be married. Or gay and engaged to be married to a fitness model boyfriend. It’s not like you asked.
But I’m already naming our kids.
But I don’t even want any kids. FINE. Cats. I need a cat called Fishy. HERE FISHY FISHY!

Crap. Does this mean I have to keep skating?
Fuck it – this would make THE best ‘how did you two meet’-story, I can do another round on skates. Stop whining.
Damn. Now some random blue trainer took the gym. HOW MANY PEOPLE IN THIS TEENY TOWN PLAY POKEMON WTF!?

Suffice it to say – I can’t guarantee that the aforementioned ‘post-exercise-bounciness‘ was entirely exercise-based today. Pokémagic people, Pokémagic!

20 thoughts on “Pokémagic

      1. I’m imagining you montaging your skating skills right now. I’m sure that’ll burn off some hothead energy.

        What’s still unclear is if you’re going for a Pokémon Princess skating outfit or penguin onesie chic (which would totally fit the skates in an ironically Happy Feetish kinda way)


  1. Holy cow this is the best post I’ve read all week! You go girl! I’m a Pokemon Go fan too. Makes me get out of the house and exercise just like you said. I never realized meeting a hot guy is a benefit too! They need to add a radar for that and I’d be all over it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is adorable!

    A few years ago, it would have been Christmas 2017, I think, I was visiting my parents, and I got my mom playing Pokemon Go. She stuck with it off and on for at least a year… and she told me one time she was standing on the side of the street trying to take a gym when some little kids walked by, noticing what she was doing. Mom figured out that they knew what she was doing, and she just looked up and said, “Yes, old people play Pokemon Go too.”

    Liked by 2 people

  3. My bad –

    With the references to The Holiday and the fact that it’s grey skies, autumn leaves and chill outside, it was starting to feel like I was on the set of a Christmas romcom.

    Plus, I could see you carrying it off (which feels bizarrely disturbing to “type out loud”)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t play Pokémon Go because my data couldn’t handle it, but I seriously feel like upgrading to a better phone plan!! I’m starting to think that I am missing out on a really fun time. The FOMO is real!!

    My husband loves Pokémon (heck, he bought a poster for our daughter even though she can’t read yet). And yet, he doesn’t play Pokémon Go. I think I’m gonna bug him to download the game because unlike my slow AF phone, his phone can handle it. I feel like dating requires advanced technology and decent phone plans. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Omg I loved this ❤ Pokemon is one of the great loves of my life (my first published story was about Pokemon!) and that's so awesome that it can also work as a dating app, hahaha!! Sending you all the best and hoping that you meet that guy again, girl!! What a cute love story 😀 It needs to be continued!!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I think you need a Fish Called Wanda 🤣

    (It’s was – as always – a joy to read and I can only imagine the fun you’ve experienced yourself. Enjoy!)


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