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Dirty but smooth!

There’s never been any denying it: my sense of humor is an acquired taste. Mostly because it’s crazy, the things I find hysterically funny, and because it’s a tad too dirty, dark and direct for the tastes of the bigger public.

My family, friends and exes have always, in my memory, laughed more ‘about’ me than ‘with’ me. They’d smile because I was just amusingly insane, not because I was classically funny. Which, I suppose, is fine. A smile’s a smile. And I do love making people smile!

But then I found the internet, where my brain is just a mediocrically funny goldfish in a sea full of humoristic sharks. Because as it turns out – there’s a whole wide world of people out there who DO make EVERYTHING they see, hear or read ‘dirty’. And don’t shake their head in desperation when you giggle at someone using the word ‘penetrate’ in a normal sentence. Who find the morbid in anything sparkly. And don’t slap your wrist when you darkly joke that you’ll murder a bitch if they catch one more of your fly balls (I DO ONLY JOKE!). And who feel no remorse in making exactly that public to the world.

So naturally, I reveled in it. Dove into the deepest darkest recesses of meme-art, acquainted myself with all the possible places to add in the word ‘fuck’ (there’s a lot!) and had the most debauched dirty joke wars with random strangers somewhere else in the universe. Epic.
And my humor just went downhill from there, to a level where ‘normal’ folk very rarely still appreciate my particular brand of madness in the day to day. But as long as they still smile (even if it’s in desperation), I’m fine!

That’s when I fell for one of these extra-lazy-people services that pop up in my ads every now then and received the below package last week.

Obviously I no longer felt any qualms about almost dropping to the floor in tears laughing. Because the the hilarious (and true) text on the suction-cupped-shower-holder for my new razor (that will have shiny new blades delivered to me on the regular instead of me having to remember to buy them. CAPITALISM BITCHES!) was just to die for.
The dirtier the joke, the better.
That doesn’t go for skin though. Gotta keep it clean! Smoother is better in that regard! Death to beards!

But all in all: I LOVE companies that put some effort in standing out. And stand out…they did!
Not just because my legs have now returned to a smooth state that would not make you doubt if just my humor is unhuman, but also because they dared print this on their packaging. Kudos. Applause. Smiles and giggles. It worked!

36 thoughts on “Dirty but smooth!

  1. I’m glad to realised that i am not the only one who has a “dirty mind” and make dirty Jokes. By the way, i thought straight away about the dirty meaning of it!

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  2. My device seems dead set on changing “lockdown” to “lickdown” whenever I type it. But when I mention this, I get the sense it’s considered lockdown-inappropriate humour (rather than lickdown-inappropriate, which I assume is harder to achieve)

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    1. I just think it’s epic!
      The more inappropriate the better, after all!
      (And not hard to achieve at all…there’s a million ways to go wrong in…the….eh….west!)


  3. CLicK
    Been Married
    31 Years YES
    GOD YES!
    It WorKinG STiLL
    If You Are Really

    At MarKeTinG

    In Words…
    Ranch Horses
    Whole Shebang…

    Me Need
    To ‘CaLL’ A Friend..



    A Reminder…


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