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Add more drama.

My love of lists has gotten me into trouble again, boys and girls! I swear, of all the things that are a constant in my life, this urge of mine….for order and traceability is one of the most condemning factors of my life. IN SO MANY WAYS.

Ok. That was a little more dramatic than I meant to make it sound – but it’s still kind of true. A few weeks ago I installed this app called SeriesGuide on my phone, which allows me to trace all of the series (and films) I’ve watched to the very episode. Paradise for a list fanatic, one might say. HORRIBLE invention for a list addict, I’ll tell you.

Because the thing is….before I installed this app I could live my life blissfully unawares of my watch-list. Now. Now I can’t. You see – I’m a little bit of a psycho when it comes to ‘watching series’. A bit OCD even, maybe (although claiming labels without a diagnose is a horrible thing to do). But once I start watching something? I HAVE to finish it (even if I HATE the concept of have to!) and regardless of how horrible a series turns out to be.

These past few years I’ve had to battle through eight seasons of Vampire Diaries. And through the horrors of the Walking Dead (which stopped being fun after three seasons). I’ve had to suffer through all of the seasons of Merlin and I’ve watched Once Upon a Time until I almost lost my love of Disney. Because honestly…most series lose their charms after a season or 3. Everything after that is just prolonging an inevitable HORRID ending like Breaking Bad.

But I kept watching. And now I have an app that’ll tell me EXACTLY how many barf-worthy episodes of started-but-not-finished series I still have to watch. Can you imagine how MUCH I despise the fact that I still have to watch 176 episodes of Arrow? 176(!!!!!!!). That’s pretty much a friggin entire lockdown month. Jezus fucking christ. But I can’t help it. I MUST finish what I started. Whether it’s a plate of food, a to-do list or my SeriesGuide watchlist.

Right now I’m forcing myself through Chicas del Cable. Which, if it hadn’t become a HAVE TO watch – might not have been so bad. Now, however, I despise every farfetched episode of it. I have developed a hatred for the Spanish solution to viewer fatigue. To the max.

Viewer fatigue, you might ask? Yes.
Do you know how series that you watch seem to become increasingly violent, dramatic, with additional idiotic storylines and weird-as-fuck the longer they go on? That’s because of viewer fatigue. We get accustomed to certain levels of drama very quickly and thus increasingly desensitized to certain situations. Which means that storywriters and series producers feel an ever increasing need to keep impressing an ever tiring audience. Aka: top the last episode. Continuously (tip: you can’t!)

Spoiler alert: Which is why after two seasons of Chicas del Cable I am now watching ‘5 supposedly normal women’ in a constant battle against abducted children, plots to kill royalty, accidentally fucking twin brothers and intrigues against drug lords and escape sessions from hitman. It. Makes. No. Sense. And I fucking hate it.

Because it reminds me of my life. Too much.
In a weird way.
Not because I battle drug lords or have to recover my stolen baby from people on the regular. Thank the lord. But because I recognize this ‘viewer fatigue’ on a more personal basis as ‘lovers fatigue’. Because can you imagine what it would be like to rewatch 5 seasons of the Teletubbies after just seeing the Game of Thrones seasons final? You would not be having a good time, nor be impressed, not feel any amusement or enthusiasm whatsoever.

I’m much the same, I’ve come to realize. I’ve had my Game of Thrones run when it comes to love. Seen all the beauty the paradise of passion has to offer. And have been ruined by it.

I’ve been on the edge of my seat every time I heard my phone chime for a ‘him‘ message for months on end and can now no longer suffer getting that ‘nah, not in the mood‘ feeling I get with most of the replacement options. I’ve had to switch panties during the days for way too much of them to opt for someone who can barely get the motor running. And I sure as hell don’t feel the need to settle for ‘decent‘ when I’ve dated ‘epic‘.

I am now totally unwilling to downdate, just like any rational person would be unwilling to return to any watered down option of the same series. Much like there’s people who lost their entire taste for life after watching Avatar (the blue people Pocahontas rip-off, not the awesome airbender version).

People literally fell into depressions (or worse) after watching Avatar because they realized they’d never get to live a live as exciting on a planet as beautiful as Pandora. And I feel pretty much the same way about finding a new amorous partner. There’s (so far) been no matching what I’ve known and that leads to me quickly pushing a self-destruct button on all of the things I’ve tried but that hopelessly fall short. Cut things off before they end up on my watchlist and I have to see them through to the end.

Would I then be better off without SeriesGuide, or is there a healthier approach that would allow me to watch (aka: date) lesser versions without feeling like I wanna throw something at the tv (or a person)? I wonder.
Maybe I should just start dating Quintin Tarantino or Tim Burton. They sure know how to make a lasting impression.

46 thoughts on “Add more drama.

  1. Omg! Hell a lot of series and still you are alive 😂. I can’t believe your list actually has 176 episodes of Green Arrow! I have nothing against Green Arrow but I personally felt after 3 Seasons it was not that interesting. All the best with your App and the long list.

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  2. Before I read this, I was in a big swirl of “dunno what to do, to write… whaaa…” etc…

    Now, I’m in a bigger swirl of same… except I’m half expecting anyone who turns up with a cool suggestion to be pointlessly eaten by a zombie before they can finish their sentence.

    Going up the road to get a pointless amount of chocolate for no good reason. Followed by 152 more episodes, trekking to ever-more-obscure shops in search of pointless amounts of bread, bizarrely-flavoured crisps, little plastic bottles of garlic and chilli-infused Chinese 5-spice, etc..

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    1. You, sir, have the same flair for the dramatic that inhabits my body!
      Instead of going for the cool suggestion just keep it easy, write about the number 1!
      Of bumblebees. Or the way your left ear twitches when you scratch your right knee 🤷‍♀️

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      1. I think the bumblebee thing might have inspired me.
        Might even be some scratching in there too…
        though I can’t vouch for the relevance of ears, knees, etc. in the storyline.
        Might also have been inspired by those misty towers in your featured picture.

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  3. I call this being a “completist”. I don’t have this curse, I’m really frickin’ good at ending things, but I feel like that means I likely miss out on those random moments where the show actually does something good. Same applied to love interests in the past – I probably missed out on some great days that would have happened if I’d stuck with the relationship. But I comfort myself in the knowledge that I’m also missing wayyyyy more crappy ones, so yay me, I guess?

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    1. Haha – yeaaaaah!
      In gamerland they say ‘completionist’ and I definitely have that handicap. I have to finish xbox games to 1000/1000, collect every collectible and finish every sidequest always as well 🤪

      I think the taking a possible miss over definite disasters is actually a good way of looking at it 😱😱😱😳

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  4. “although claiming labels without a diagnosis is a horrible thing to do”

    It’s not, I do recognise an OCD level of obsessiveness with that series watching, especially because that urge is making you do things that you don’t even want to do (which is what separates OCD from perfectionism), AND it’s consuming insane amounts of your time. I’m all for self-diagnosis if you research well and carefully consider things, playing devil’s advocate with yourself etc, if you’re good at introspection and good with gut instincts or analytical thinking. A lot of people can’t afford to wait for actual assessment because that can be really hard to achieve and life can’t wait. The only test that matters is— does learning about a condition inform you and help you to improve your life?

    “And I sure as hell don’t feel the need to settle for ‘decent‘ when I’ve dated ‘epic‘.”

    I know exactly what you mean. I’ve tried dating ‘decent’ a couple of times because ‘epic’ comes along so rarely (and came along once so I know what it feels like), but it’s always been a terrible thing to do and I’d so much rather stay single until that just happens naturally. A romantic relationship or dating are Horrendously time-consuming (and toxic for both people) if you’re not 100% into it! Or at least that was my experience 😆.

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  5. I read every Walking Dead Comic book before the show. It’s like 670 issues. I also stopped watching a few seasons in. It wasn’t—. Hm. It felt very Harry Potter.

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      1. To each their own. I see art forms then the form changes. To include everything of the previous world. I’m not really a fan it feels, profitable. Sure. Just, light and airy compared to the previous form. Like when, Americans play reggae. 🙄 Please. Stop.


  6. I might have to checkout SeriesGuide. I used to track all movies and shows I watched in a spreadsheet. Then I stopped once we started with Netflix as you can indicate whether you like or dislike a show (I miss the old ratings scale though). With other streaming services it’s now in the lap of the gods.

    Then I started to use Rotten Tomatoes to track shows and movies – which I forget to update.

    Unlike yourself, if I lose interest or hate a show, even if it’s within the first 15 minutes – I drop it. I have an app that tracks all the Kdramas and other Asian dramas I watch. It’s easy to use. To date after 559 shows, my dropped rate is 28%. I reckon it will be substantially high re all the western dramas we watch.

    Now with Avatar – we have always called it Pocahontas in Space😊 Sadly, as a great sci-fi fan, I was so disappointed with it (and I loathed his other former highest grossing movie about a certain ship and an iceberg 🤣). The other Avatar as an animated series was very good.

    Do I watch too much stuff? Absolutely!

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    1. Haha – Netflix actually keeps scary good track. Once I installed the app I exported my watched history from the last 5 (!!!) Years and put it into the app (by hand 😭😭😭). Very confronting!

      There’s no such thing as watching too much!


  7. Zoe, it was a great read. I have the same issue with shows. Once I start I have to see it through. It must be in our DNA. Not so much with relationships until 30 years ago when I struck gold and met the current Mrs. Walters.

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  8. Season 4’s are always the darkest of any series that I watch, but sticking through to seasons five and six plus is usually worth it. However, it’s got to hook me by episode 3 of the first season or I’m moving on. Life is too short to spend on mediocre shows! Also books from the library, if you’re not loving it, don’t finish it. The author will never know.

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  9. Oh my god, I just read your whole post with a smile! AND you’re suffering! Sorry, I feel like a horrible person.
    But seriously “once I start watching something… I HAVE to finish it even if I HATE the concept” this sounds like a self-torture girl.

    Oh, I love Pocahontas. But I adore Avatar too, never made a connection between the two before you pointed it out. 😂

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  10. Wow, you’ve watched many of the same shows that I have. I stopped Once Upon a Time fairly early on though, it was going on for far too long. I guess that it was just easier for me to finish Merlin because it was a childhood show that brought back many memories. It’s not the best though – my sister and I often watch it to laugh at it.

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