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Home Office Dangers

First of all let me get this straight (#unpopularopinion incumming):
This whole C-business forcing us to be cooped up at home – I don’t mind it one bit. YAY for the home office!

Seriously. I had to work in the office yesterday. Do you KNOW how (after a 6 month detox) UNBEARABLE it is to wear -gasp- underwear and heels FOR MORE THAN 8 HOURS?! Excruciating. It’s fucking torture.
I have no qualms about working from home, setting my own times. Wearing what I want and speaking to who I want, virtually, whenever. It suits me just fine. Human interaction? PFAH. Overrated!

Although. And this is where today’s blog comes into play:
I have made some epic mistakes when it comes to working from home. Everyone has, I imagine, with Zoom/Skype/Teams meetings suddenly becoming normalcy instead of exception and with webcams becoming a valid part of life instead of an always covered laptop option. Hell. There’s an infinite flood of bloopers reels like found above to underline this fact. And I am no different.

I mean. There was that one time where I was muted in a meeting but making loveydovey eyes at the ex. With my teammates commenting on why I looked so radiant and why I was mouthing sweet nothings to someone off camera. Not a smart move. Or that time someone else walked in naked (not on cam, thank the lord) during a board-meeting but I still broke out into hysterical laughter during someone’s passionate speech. Autsch! That wasn’t easy to explain.

Obviously there was the time when the wineglass of the night before (only half consumed because it was…just…too…much) was still perched on the edge of the table within cam-view while talking to my manager (big whoops!) and the time I was happily bouncing along to some Christina Aguilera song (you know which one) with a meeting that I was first into already open. With the cam on. AWKWARD SURPRISE DANCE SHOW!

And fuck. I still have trauma’s from that time that my hair decided to go full unkempt curl afro hair explosion and I joined a meeting that automatically switched on cam. I did not need my teammates to see the horrendous state of my hair Teams, tyvm. Douchewad.

All of them…not my proudest moments.

But then today. Oooooh today.
I had an office day yesterday. Tough day. Heavy day. Headache inducing way-too-much-work-day (that went well, luckily). So I had planned my agenda to empty of meetings today. Recovery mode you know. I am an ambivert after all, people drain me. And it was great. Got a lot of stuff done. Was being all productive. Was having fun with some texts I’m working on. And then the Lead Sales on one of my deals calls. I figure he might have important input so I take the call. Without (once again) realizing the cam would switch on (normally solo calls are just that…calls).

And I’m sitting there. In my penguin onesie. That I live in these days. But don’t necessarily need my colleagues to know about. Normally I go pro-at-the-top-part-at-the-bottom. Not today.

And well. That look of surprise and the hesitant ‘ehhhh….you realize the cam is on?’ were not the highlight of my day, let me tell you.

So there. Please.
All of you.
Be aware of the dangers of the home office.
Mostly to your composure.

36 thoughts on “Home Office Dangers

  1. The biggest mistake i have done when working from home is being in mute when i speak, it’s so embarrassing!!

    And actually i prefer working in the office compared to working from home, i really enjoy the face to face interaction πŸ™‚ everyone is different in that way!

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  2. I am mostly worried about the Christmas tree in the background! Working from home is completely messing with my head and routine, I often ask does anyone know what day it is? But please don’t tell me I have lost tracks of the months too!

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  3. We had a close call one day when I’d started the video for my class and then my wife walked in the office in her night shirt to get something. My hand has never moved as fast as when it went to cover the webcam. Thankfully, those students had not joined yet.

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  4. “always covered laptop option”

    You usually keep your camera covered too?

    Penguin onesie story is hilarious! Hahaha. I’m quite surprised that these things are not confirming you want to enable camera first before they start. There’s probably some software solution out there now that prevents this kind of thing happening :D.

    I do wonder how more extroverted people are going to do long-term with the home-working. Some people will find it suits them fine, others will enjoy it first and grow to hate it. I’m interested to see how many will grow away from their jobs and seek things with greater human connection, as a possible scenario and one I’m personally familiar with. It will depend on how much of a person’s social interaction came through work vs. outside, too.

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  5. LOLOLOL. I love your posts πŸ™‚ I too am doing a lot of Zoom Meetings and Microsoft Teams etc etc and I have to be extra cautious about those video cams. I enjoy working from my home with my pajamas on too! Cheers to Pjs and meetings πŸ™‚


  6. you’re doing pretty good here Zoe. one guy has been sent home (which he alreay was ) for mental a health break. Zoom meeting, Camera on, clothes off and let’s just say; he should have left his hands to himself… oh he did that.. but with the camera on and well…. that’s didn’t go over too well. 🀣

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  7. Such a funny post! πŸ™‚ Luckily, I haven’t had too many embarrassing moments during online meetings. My dogs just go ballistic sometimes, but other than that I’m good.

    All the best, Michelle (

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  8. Drinking from a coffee mug whilst chairing a board meeting on Zoom in my lounge. The CEO spotted the See-You-Next Tuesday letters on the mug and started laughing πŸ˜‚

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