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Personal Blogging – The science of stars

You guys.
Hey. You there. Yes. You. Reading this.
Can you tell me something? Is my head getting bigger? I feel like it must be getting bigger. Oh man. What if it gets so big that I can’t wear headbands anymore? My hair is too short to stay back on its own. I NEED HAIRBANDS!
And my ego? Can you smell it from where you’re sitting? God, I hope not. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Hell. I’m sometimes even surprised that I can still walk with all the feathers currently crammed up my bee-hind.

Honestly – I joke (a little) but these past almost-three months have been a parade of things that are great boosts for feeling good. About myself, that is. Because who knew: one of the perks of personal blogging is a daily shower of loving likes and liking to be loved that totally gets you in an ‘awwww yissss, I’m feeling mahself‘ kinda zone. Booyah!

Ain’t no one over the top like my girl Christina <3!

That little number on the bottom of the blog telling the world how many people follow it – is increasingly getting bigger. 850 it was this morning. That’s insanity, isn’t it? And don’t even get me started on the amazing comments I get. They’re so lovely and nice and heartwarming (sometimes maybe even a little too much so, actually. You know. that #awkward category of a bit-over-the-top replies? I still need a manual on how to handle those, man. )

But that following-‘o-mine? It’s growing. Faster than expected and quicker than I understand. But I love it, none the less. That tiny number getting bigger and bigger. Soon, I’ll not even call it small anymore, I wager. I wonder when that is.

It leads to me cracking my brain though – I AM an overthinker after all. Because with all the people bashing the little star to ‘like‘ my content. With all the hilarious, lovely and nice folk finding the ‘comment‘ button and with all the daring, brave peeps who actually hit ‘follow this blog‘ I wonder: how does this work in the brains of people that are not-me?! And how much of it is actually…yaknow….real? (In as far as an entirely virtual puddle of words can even be real to begin with).

So naturally. I’ll start with myself (center of the universe and all that, right). And tell you the science behind stars in my eyes. And the process of a like-and-follow-from-moi. Because reading blogs from other magnificent writers around the world has now thoroughly banished my 1/2 hours pre-bed-book-reading entirely. I read blogs now. Fuck books. And likes? They exist in these categories (aka: why I wonder if other people are weird like me, in this regard) if you ask me:

  • The ‘hell-yes-this-is-awesome’ star
    When I read something I genuinely like I’ll hit that star like there’s no tomorrow. AND read the next 5 entries on that blog. Or the next ten. And bash the follow button so they might never escape me again. The best of likes, this one! The purest one, too.
  • The ‘support’-star
    I start my mornings these days plowing through my reader feed. Catching up on the blogs that caught my eye and made the follow list. And most of these? Regardless of what they post – I’ll give them that star cause they’re just that awesome. Me and mine deserve all the stars of the world, after all. Support stars, woohoo!
  • The ‘Oh-but-I-commented’-star
    I love nothing more than the posts that evoke a reaction. That elicit a response. That make me WANT to comment on my perception, their effect of the truth in them. But if I comment on something I’d feel weird if I didn’t also grant it a star. Cause youknow. I commented.
  • The ‘I-just-walked-in’-star
    I bloghop. A lot. A lot a lot, actually. Cruise from one blog to the next from an entries suggestions list, or the comment section, or the list of likes. You find new gems that way, quickly. And hey, when I read your latest post I have this ‘Mount Everest’ urge. I gots to let you know I was there. So have a star! And should I end up in your neck of the woods again and be star-inclined again: guess what – have a follow!
  • And then there’s the category I don’t personally ever ‘star’ in – but acknowledge none the less:
    The ‘GODDAMN-I-NEED-ATTENTION-PLEASE-SEE-ME’-star. You know, where your phone explodes because SOMEONE likes ALL of your postings in the span of three minutes. Causing your poor ears to suffer a continuous wave of BLEEPS as they do so. Please don’t. Really. I rather you actually READ my stuff, and not like anything instead of just…forcing me to singlehandedly click away each and every one of the damn notifications. ANNOYING AS FUCK.

And though I thoroughly enjoy the ‘bleep’ telling me that somebody hit that star on a writing of mine – I WILL admit that it takes the last place in that hierarchy of recognition. I appreciate comments above all else. People that read what I write and felt moved to formulate a response. Be it a compliment, a joke or their interesting view on the topic: I like that look inside other peoples brains the very most. Followed closely by the eg0-stroking ‘follow‘ (because at least that number validates my ‘hobby’ in a way). And only then is there the like. Always with the fear that it’s only a star from those latter two categories. Attention-whoring. Not actual appreciation. But yaknow. Still awesome.

Because, after all, we ALL deserve that pat on the back. That ruffle of the hair. That golden star sticker and that virtual appreciation because ‘we’ bloggers do what many don’t: share ourselves. Online. And that deserves any and all recognition we can give! Huzzah!

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59 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – The science of stars

  1. Woop woop!!!
    It’s great to get that instant feedback from others and comments are so cooooooool!
    I love the international reach too. I do think that when you emit a strong personality, people are drawn to you. Its easy for them to connect with you.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m enjoying your posts so will keep dropping in every day. It’s exciting to develop a following and feel part of a community. It encouraged me to pursue my love of writing and now I’ve had two books published and am writing a third. I’m pleased to have connected with you 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Likewise!
      Enjoy reading your work just as much (and secretly very jealous at the publishing achievements). Definitely one of the blogging perks, these connections we’d otherwise never get to make 🥳🍾

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely agree with the last star you wrote about. It does annoy me too. ‘ If you did not read my post then please don’t like it for the sake of it.’ It’s like buying things in a sale just because the whole world is, and you expect to get a discount in the process🙄. Great post Zoe💐

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Congratulations on 850!! 🎉

    Here’s an ‘Oh-but-I-commented’-star! And I’m sure I’m one of those “sometimes even a bit too much” followers – but your blogs are hilarious and I totally love reading them!

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Sometimes a star means, yeah, I saw this and it grabbed me… but not sure if I have a response just yet…
    not that I ever expect anyone to see my star thingy and say: Aha! The Wooster was here and is formulating a wotsit.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Me…You talkin to me….. (the line that made Deniro famous).
    Congratulations on 850! Your following grows so fast because of your writing style and content. Your posts are so interesting and easy to read.
    I enjoyed the trip into your mind and agree with you. I write because I want my content to be read, not to rack up likes. I really enjoy the interaction with other bloggers.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I can totally imagine you putting on a Deniro face and delivering that line xD
      Thanks so much for the compliments!
      (Here’s to hoping they’re the actual reason 🍾😅 and to these fun interactions! 🥳)

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m glad to read I’m not the only one who thinks these types of things. You’re numbers are going up so quickly because you write well and what you have to say is, believe it or not, interesting as hell. Take care.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. This is one of few times that I’m totally taking ‘interesting’ as a compliment instead of a different way of saying ‘You’re….special’ 🤭🤭🤐
      Thanks for crossing that bridge (blogpun intended)

      Liked by 1 person

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        Liked by 1 person

  9. You did it again.
    And I’m just wondering how the hell you manage to write at least a blogpost a day, AND read the comments, AND read other blogs….
    And the ‘quality’ of the content, well… that’s just you, I guess. 😁🌹

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Hahaha, much that I can relate to—

    “I appreciate comments above all else. ”

    Totally with you on that! But also I totally get what you mean with the ‘overthinking’ about the likes and different motivations for them, and paranoia about attention-whoring, whether my head is getting bigger. I definitely went through a phase of adjustment because my whole blog was just meant as therapy for myself, whilst maybe also helping others out. But over the first several months, I did notice periods of my head growing, and sometimes posting for the short-term satisfaction of feedback as much as anything else. So now I’m good at checking myself.

    The reason it was a problem for me, was because that novelty/flattering factor wore off, and ultimately satisfaction only came from writing things from the heart— things which I needed to say, or from pushing myself to explore creatively. I’m more conscientious now about what I post (whilst still allowing myself to be impulsive), and I reached a stable point for myself. Since my blog was (and still is) one of the main things I have going in my life at the moment, then ‘losing’ that high I was initially getting was especially depressing! If you have more of a full life anyway, it maybe won’t be as big of an issue I guess, but there’s definitely the ‘addiction’ risk there!

    Anyway just my thoughts— this is the first time I’ve seen somebody else articulate something like this. I think it’s all quite a natural process that people go through to different extents. But the self-critical thoughts you’re having are very healthy! There’s hope that you won’t end up as a total attention whore 😅.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. I love the honesty in your posts and comments. You are funny, thought provoking, to the point, and because of this, I really enjoy your posts. Does this comment count as an #awkward over-the-top reply? 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Awesome Post Zoe! Congrats 🎉 for 850. I love your style of writing as if you are having that one-on-one conversation with your reader, and you are funny too. In the midst you make your point which compelled me to follow you. Today your post compelled me to leave my first comment to you. By the way this is “The ‘hell-yes-this-is-awesome’ star”.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. The I Need Attention stars are annoying. Luckily I’m not popular enough for them to be a huge problem but I did, at one point, pick up a follower who managed to like every post within seconds of it being published — either he was very keen, or a bot.

    Liked by 2 people

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