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Personal Blogging – Out for the count

Two months to the day.
It’s been two months, today.

I published my first blog post on August 1st 2020: Cheers to fresh starts!

It was a dreary Saturday, almost a month after ‘the break-up‘ and I felt like I needed back a part of my life that I lost when it ended between us. Because not only did I give up him, I also gave up writing on the website where we’d met. A website where I’d been quite successfully publishing my words for the world to see. Hell. I even had >15,000 followers who’d be watching my every word. Although, granted, there may have been other reasons to follow that account. Regardless. I missed the recognition. The outlet. The creativity. IMMENSELY.

So when I started this blog, I had but one goal. Regain just that. Find the way to have the words flow again, to reconnect with the (virtual) world around me and to make my voice be heard. Because (although it does help) screaming into the void alone becomes kind of boring after a while. And to say it’s helped is an understatement. But then.

The thing about writing is (and I’ve repeated this often round these parts):
It’s way more satisfying to do when it’s being read.
(but do feel free to skip to the last paragraph if you’re just casually reading and wanna know the conclusion)

The start

I started out this blog and pulled in friends and family through statuses on Facebook and Whatsapp, I was quickly glad to see that I wasn’t just keeping an online diary for myself. I built up a few dear core followers and was happy to cruise along like that.

Until the first virtual stranger showed up. And then another, and another. Who drew me into their worlds and their blogs in turn. Before I knew it, the ball was a-rolling. I love to be read almost as much as I like to read, and the WordPress reader allows for the easy access to all sorts of blogs. So the number on my ‘follow-button‘ started growing. It’s on a mindboggling 528 as I’m typing. In two months.

(I very arrogantly giggled at this just last week, as I was reading a post by an awesome writer graciously thanking her 100 followers for sticking around for the 4 years she’d been working hard on her blog. Whoops. I suck. Small victories are victories too, and her big number might feel small to me, but it was big for her regardless. I slapped myself for giggling after.)

These days I find myself wondering at that number too. Mostly because I’ve been reading a lot of blogs that mix up personal content with ‘how to get more followers’, ‘how to be a successful blogger’, ‘how to create traffic’ types of helpfulness. And I literally…do…everything…wrong.

I don’t keep a set schedule. I don’t engage in community prompts. I DEFINITELY do not keep my posts under 500 words and I will never look for options to monetize my numbers. I do not give readers an option to provide input on my topics to write and I don’t ask for feedback to improve. Hell. when it comes to everything a blog apparently needs to be successful – I’m doing it hella wrong.

Yet. The numbers don’t lie.

The numbers:

In the 62 days since starting this blog I posted a staggering 63 blog posts (pretty freakydeaky for someone who can generally uphold 0 routine in her life). Insane. I hit 200 followers on september 15th. 500 yesterday. And the likes? Don’t even get me started on those. That’s been a record broken day after day. It’s insane. Most days, these days (it’s ramping up quite quickly) I get about 150 to 200 unique visitors to the blog (and though that might sounds small, it’s immense for me, so don’t be like me and mean-giggle!). I mean. That IS 200 people interested in…well…reading about moi.

It’s a feeling of success, to say the least. And something I find I am very much drawn to. I’m kind of a follower hoarder in that sense (as are a lot of other bloggers, I suppose). Especially operating in a niche that isn’t too commonly ‘huge‘ in blog-land.
I love and appreciate every silly goose who finds it in themselves to press that like, comment and follow button. And with that happening increasingly often, I feel myself getting exponentially happier. WIN-fckin-WIN!

The conclusion

But the thing that I most love about that count (outside of the ‘yay people read’ and ‘yay, they like it!?!?!’)? It is not just a validation of self – but also of blogging in general. OR, that’s what it feels like to me. Because I do find myself in doubt every now and again when people ask me what I do for fun. Softball. Sure, totally acceptable. Netflix binging. Well, duh. Bowling. Ok, bit odd, but manageable.

Somehow ‘blogging‘ is still a bit of a weird answer tho. It gets icky responses as I wrote about in an earlier blogging-blog: Personal Blogging – Dirty Little Secret.

Plus, I hiiiiiighly doubt that if I’d put this on my Tinder profile, and those boys actually show up here – this ‘light‘ reading is going to achieve anything but making them run straight for those damned hills again (instead of into my arms). A bit too naggy on the heartbreak side, I think that’d definitely be held against me by potentials (so I don’t share with them that I blog. Which is weird, given the time I spend doing it).

But I assume (it’s merely assume, though) that once you get to a certain number.
Once you reach a magical threshold.
Once you make it to a group of readers and available audience that merits awe instead of yikes – you’ve made blogging acceptable. And I would love for nothing more than that. Keeping a blog for yourself and 5 readers? Weird. Keep one for an audience of thousands (I dunno what the tipping point it, yet) and you’re cool and successful.

Thing is:
There’s no foolproof recipe for it. It being successfully blogging.
I’m proving that one blog at a time by not doing any of the pro-things other bloggers recommend. Just being me works, too. And that’s nice. Because that means you can just be you, too.

So I’m out for the count, In the good way. Bring on the horde!

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52 thoughts on “Personal Blogging – Out for the count

    1. I’ve too much (good) to say in response to this (as usual, excellent) post, so I’m writing a response post on my own blog. Watch this/that space!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh boy. Oh dear. Oh my.
        I am at a loss of words 😳🤭
        Is it showing?

        Damn Rock.
        How did you manage to write summin I both love (so much kind words and hilarious phrasings) and hate (waaaay to gushy complimenty #canthandle) 😳😜

        That. Was an awesome reply post!
        My precioussssssss 🤭😆🤣

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Connection is so so important. In the end – I think we all have much more in common than we might ever realize. And it’s invaluable to make exactly that visible in these crazy crazy times of wars, madman elections and COVID-isolation…

      Thank you 😳

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The way you write and the honesty in your words is what pulls people back to read again and again. It also makes it easy for anyone just finding your blog to settle in and enjoy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Which is a totally foreign concept to me – as I’ve always (as a person) described myself as ‘an acquired taste’ 😳🤭

      But it’s so great to hear that that doesn’t apply to writing/blogging 🥳🥳😇

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t know you as a person but as a writer, you have a warmth and an openness that is easy to like. You’re blogging in your second language too which makes it an even bigger compliment that your material is such a good read. I think you’re an incredible person and I’m glad blogging has given you a platform and helped you regain control of elements of your life.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Smooth 🤩😍
      I have always loved that word for the way it rolls off the tongue. Awesome to see it connected to something I create. Thank you!

      And (hope to 🤭) see you around, then!


      1. Me too!!
        Especially when you prolong the O’s and go SMOOOOOOOTH. Haha!
        You are most welcome!
        Oh! You most definitely will. Hope you are doing well this pandemic season. ❤️🌼

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank God you started your blog. I light up when I see a new post from you. It’s because you don’t follow the recommended practices that your posts are so enjoyable. Your personality comes out in your words. Keep it up. I am looking forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. SMiLes
    No Success
    But Enough
    It’s All An
    Game Anyway
    And Anywhere
    We Do Next
    I’ve Had
    30 of my
    40 Thousand Word
    Blog Posts in 30
    It’s the
    Way of
    The World
    Dear Swipe
    Left Swipe Write
    Never The Less
    i take
    Joy in
    It is that
    Folks Tick
    Indeed but All
    This Word Press
    Button Pushing
    Is Good For
    To me
    Is the
    Few Genuine
    Human Friends
    i have Met along
    The Way who are
    Just Genuinely
    Kind again
    Enough Is
    An Inside Game
    Sadly Most Folks
    Are far Away From


    Just A Dance
    And Song That
    Gives And Share
    Free Requiring
    No Worship Fearing
    No Criticism Truly
    Opposite From an
    ‘Old Testament’
    Narcissistic ‘God’
    Oh Lord So Many
    Human Intelligences



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  4. Things in my humble opinion that you’re doing that other bloggers wish they could do:

    1. Tell a story – your blog posts have structure. We are always on a ride, and while it’s got fun twists and turns, we generally know what we’re going to get, and WE LOVE IT.

    2. Minimal grammar / spelling errors. I can’t tell you how often I read a blog that has so much heart and passion, and awesome ideas, and like 50+ writing mistakes … and i just can’t. I’m not gonna say no mistakes, because we all do them, but your editor brain needs a raise because they’re killing it.

    3. Humor. Nuff said.

    4. Sentiment. You are doing that thing where you write for you, while writing for the world. It’s a homeostasis place that is often a huge hurdle for writers in any medium, but you find this balance early and often.

    5. All the silly blogging stuff. You know, writing every day, using photos almost all the time (but not too many), organizing your thoughts with headings, using italics for snark … all the writing-for-the-internet-reader things.

    Again, my two cents on what’s groovy about your space. Take what you like and toss the rest.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Your posts are authentic and relatable, which is why you have so much support. Writing in a way that creates a human connection will always be the most rewarding, for reader and writer. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Hahaha giggling? Well, I’ve been laughing out loud reading this. I am one of those suckers with a personal blog, who keeps on writing just for the fun of it. Taking pictures, editing them, thinking about what I have seen, or done, or just thinking about my own thoughts, trying to bend them in a positive direction… That’s why I call it my ‘zelfhulpblog’. Been doing it for 18 months now, and I have… 10 followers! And that’s fine with me. No best practices, no SEO evaluating, no slug editing… just writing whatever I feel like writing (and, to be honest, not always publishing everything).
    So, you can giggle away, talent and succes is not for everyone 😉
    But, kudos to you, for sharing all of your tasty stories and thoughts in deliciously fluent words – posting in numbers I can hardly keep up with, trying to read each and every one of them… A big WOW! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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