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Life as a bathtub-book

I have this friend who stays over every now and then.
Who, at some point during every sleep-over bravely ventures into my bathroom.
(Is there anybody else who has a thing with people going into rooms they don’t normally have people in, that ‘is it clean enough, nothing weird lying around‘ anxiety?).

And who apparently, finally, after several visits, brought up the nerve to ask me about something. Turns out I was right. There WAS something weird lying around my bathroom. I had seem him with a confused look a couple of times but never made the connection:

So….uhm….that book there. Do you… know…..actually read it? It’s always right there when I come over. Do you only read when in the tub or something?‘ he remarks out of the blue while we’re brushing our teeth.

I have a book sitting on the edge of my tub. Some ‘light’ reading (Jean M. Auel and the Clan of the Cave Bear, in Dutch, because that’s the only full series version the store had in a 80% off sale) that has lovely imagery befitting of dreaming away in a tub.

A book that I only read while I’m soaking in there. Because if I don’t keep it there, I’ll already be up to my shoulders in bubbles before I remember ‘Goddammit, I was gonna bring a book to read‘. And getting out of a tub soaking wet and leaving a trail of fizzling footprints when you nekkidly hightail it to your bookcase, usually with one of the curtains precariously raised for all the neighbors to see… tough. Believe me.

And this book. Well. It just lives there. Because, as it turns out, reading while I’m in the tub is quite a challenge. Mostly because, on the one hand, I really love sliding down up to my chin into the scalding water, with my ears under the waters edge and bubbles popping on my cheeks and just enjoying the otherwordly muted silence. Kinda hard to read a book in that position (again, I tried, holding it looming over my head while trying to keep the perfect amount of face over the water. Hard.)

Or I get in the water, that’s always a tad too hot for skin to be comfortable with, and get a little hot and bothered myself (giggle giggle). So I get distracted by my phone and Tinder. or some other dating app (or WordPress , these days 😉 ). I mean, I have tried perching my phone inbetween the spread pages and reading around it, cause I’m just that much of a stubborn trooper, but that just increases the risk of phones taking a swim by a 1000. Kinda hard to read a book while on your phone, truly. Luckily, with my recent departure from all apps of this kinds in wake of my ‘not ready‘ realisation – this is one less book-avoiding reason!

Oh, and then there’s obviously the whole spa-intention of taking a bath, right. Applying a face-mask (that somehow is always a hideous color). Building up a tower of slick and soapy hair on the top of your head that has to be rinsed out at very specific timelines. Working on de-yeti-fying bodyparts or scrubbing them too silky-smooth perfection? It’s kinda hard to read a book while perfecting yourself. With hands covered in strange substances. It is. Plus. Soap WILL get in your eyes. Again. I tried.

So book just lives there. On the edge of my tub. Always the choice AFTER what I’m currently choosing to do. Always last pick in my list of activities. Always the one disregarded in lieu of better options. And I started feeling sad for it. Hell. I felt connected to it, even. There’s a LOT of days I feel like a bathtub book. Not good enough to be chosen. Not good enough to be prioritized. Not good enough….

Jezus woman. Are you comparing yourself to books now?
Get a grip!
And read more.

27 thoughts on “Life as a bathtub-book

  1. I know I don’t really know you but I can already tell that you’re worth WAY more than being a “bathtub book” and shouldn’t be anyone’s last priority.

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      1. You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing with us and for being so transparent. I really appreciate your words and your honesty. And, if I’m honest, your slightly naughty ways. Haha!

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  2. To be honest, when people compared me to a book, it was usually when they said somerhing kinda disparaging like:
    “I can read you like a book.”
    most of those people would have struggled fo get past the sleeve notes – even if those sleeves did seem to be wearing my heart.

    Seems to me, that quiet place in the bubbles is reserved for words only the select few will ever read. Dunno where that cane from… with all the watery references, I was gonna go down a ducky-wucky route again.

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    1. Oh…
      Should probably point out that freaky typos regularly slip through the proofing net on the dying keyboard I use to blog surf…
      but said keyboard and I have been through wobbly times together, so I’m riding it out to the last keystroke.


    2. There’s a lot of beauty and wisdom in these words: “That quiet place in the bubbles is reserved for words only the select few will ever read.” Most of us will recognize that although people may think and/or believe they reallu know someone, that obviously is not the case. Can’t be the case. Even worse: many of us don’t even ‘completely’ ‘know’ themselves.
      My ‘mindset’ therefore is (a) not to pretend that you will (ever) know or understand someone fully and therefore (b) keep an open mind, be curieus, do not interpret (for instance behaviou) but ask, speak out, be vocal. Sme of my longest friends are around me for more than 40 years and every now and then I learn something new about them (and so: mostly about myself (as when you look at the same person ‘through different glasses’ your perspectieve has changed or will change). Nothing ever is ‘static’: not your own perspective, nor you and those around you.

      One last remark: if you want people (you choose) to read past the sleeve-notes, open up the chapter you want them to read. Be open and inviting. Those who really care will follow you (and respect you for your openness) …

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  3. You’ve inspired me to write my own post, looking at both the difficulties many of us feel in terms of forcing ourselves to focus on reading, but also that lovely warm bath time feeling. We only have a shower at home and I miss baths… But I got a similar feeling today from wearing my favourite fluffy warm jumper.

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      1. I’m really trying.. I do have a bunch of very proud Dutch fellas to help me along though..

        I actually made the decision to be able to communicate better with them..

        Although.. you are right.. it’s definitely so easy feat

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  4. Great story! I love baths so much and I missed them when I was away at university! I love bubble baths and face masks. I have especially missed face masks with this pandemic. The early start to the fire season has impacted my skin quite a bit

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  5. Haha love this post! Which also makes me wonder, if you do reply to my comment, are you in the tub then? 😀
    Gosh I love tubs- the husband does not. He thinks its weird to lay in your own dirt haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I must admit – I have definitely done some comment-answering while in the bath, yesyes!

      Plus – I usually take a short shower before I get in (or after) to fix that dirt issue. Wonder how your man feels about pools then. Or the sea. I’m guessing his dirt theory suddenly doesnt extend to those xD.

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      1. Oh my that was my exact response to him! Apparently in the sea or in the pool there is constant circulation, you can move about blah blah. While in a tub you are stuck in you own dirty water and have nothing to. SIgh, I have so much to teach him!

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  6. The struggle😂😂Although, I bring my book back after bath (can’t read more than a page regardless of how hard I try to) not a bad idea to leave the book there near the bath tub 🧼 🧡xx


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