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Two sided – Weed Whacking

Everything in life has its two sides. The good and the bad forever united in anything we see around us. Feel around us. Know around us. And the side we choose to actively see, praise and strengthen is the one that determines the way we view the world around us. We can go for the negativity, darkness and the like. Or take things for their positivity, light and greatness. Take weeds – for example. They can both be seen as a terror for the garden and as a durable sturdy little bastards. All depending on your angle. So this tiny trilogy focuses on the double-life of weeds. Don’t forget to read the rest (or you’ll think I’m scatterbrained and we couldn’t have that, could we).

Two-sided – Introduction
Two-sided – Growing Strong
Two-sided – Weed Whacking (You’re here)

Weeds – Away with you

As I kneel down next to a particular buff little plant that’s taking up the space between the wall of the house and the first tile I groan in frustration.
“I swear I already pulled you up two weeks ago. Can’t you see you’re unwanted here? Stay….the….fuck….away…..”

Those last four words are accompanied by me making a brave attempt to pull up the weed, with not a lot of success. I end up with a couple of bits of green in my hands, and a little plant that I swear is smirking at me. It takes a couple more tries to claim victory, but in the end I do and the weed disappears into the huge green bin next to me, like the rest of its brothers and sisters. That’s when I decide to leave the weed-pulling in favor of writing-about-weeds. Much better for my back and mood.

Because as I was fighting that damned little unwanted plant – I connected it to all of the negative thoughts that have the same potential to get stuck in my brain, refusing to be pulled out. Because that’s the way of weeds, isn’t it. Popping up where they’re not wanted or needed and taking up room where there could be better things.
Same goes for negative thoughts, that wash over us unwanted – yet take a hold when they’re not needed. And then turn out to be damn difficult to remove. They suck. Weeds suck. They need to be taken care of.

You might pull up one weed, or ban out one negative thought, but if you don’t constantly work on keeping up your yard (or brain) – they’re going to slip straight back in when you’re not paying attention. And you’ll suddenly find yourself overgrown once more if you’re not careful. These weeds (or thoughts) don’t need much to grow and even if you don’t feed them they grown undeniably until you can’t stop seeing them everywhere. Again, that’s both weeds and negative thoughts for you. They’re pretty much the same thing.

But they CAN be uprooted. Hell. They SHOULD be uprooted. Because once we start planting ‘good stuff‘ where those weeds are growing, there’s no more room for them to exist. Whether it’s in plant shape or in thought form – once we invest in filling spaces with good things (be they flowers or positivity) the weeds will have to make way. Doable but something we constantly need to pay attention to, because if you let one slip through the cracks (literally, if you look at the tiles in my garden) the end is nigh. You can give no quarter to weeds or negative thoughts because they WILL take advantage of every inch you give them. Mercilessly.

So I will be returning to weed-freeing my yard in a second now. Pulling up all the crap that has grown there over the past few weeks. While internally dealing with some of the demons that have taken up space there. Multi-tasking efficiency yaknow. Although – I AM considering getting one of those weed-burning flamethrowers. I’m pretty sure those work well with the weeds (and will make sure they stay away longer), but might be detrimental to my hair if used on those bad thoughts. I’ll have to work those out by hand, I fear.

Guess you can cheat in battling weeds, but not your thoughts. Shame.

23 thoughts on “Two sided – Weed Whacking

  1. Both sides have their value, I guess. As to the ‘bad thoughts’-thought, I tend to try and think of those thoughts as something that needs to be accepted, since fighting leads to all that frustration you mentioned. So in the end, I go for something like: influence if possible, else accept and see as beautiful.
    By the way, I’ve been writing about weeds too, and discovered that a lot of my garden plants are simply weeds with a luxury extension to their names. Or the other way around of course….:-D

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  2. Dandelions are so hardy and committed to life! They manage to grow in the weirdest of places and in my garden, they seem to have evolved a new strain that I can’t really explain but will see if I can get a picture of one.

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  3. “I’ll have to work those out by hand, I fear.”
    Reminds me of … ‘Soul Tweezers’ (one of your brilliant ‘inventions’).

    Suggestion: you might as well learn to live with ‘those’ (too) – like the one in your hand – by accepting them as a part of you, and find a workaround for any detrimental effects they might have once they surface. Notice and react. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

    The most appealing solution is ‘taking good care of yourself’ and ‘starting new habits and making new connections in your ‘grey matter” because, indeed “once we start planting ‘good stuff‘ where those weeds are growing, there’s no more room for them to exist.” Or at least: less room and more positivity as a counter-balance.

    Like weeds, you can’t really get rid of it, but you can learn to ‘co-exist’ (by embracing YOU-rself).

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  4. Having 4 dogs, our small lawn takes a battering. So now I’m grateful even for the “weeds”. Anything alive is welcome, it’s better than barren soil. I’m unsure if this mirrors anything psychological, but let’s pretend it does so I can look clever.


  5. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂


  6. Ok so, did you know that those weeds re actually most often the plants that our endangered insects need (including the solitary bees and Al the very very rare butterflies, I mean I had a kolibrivlinder in my yard last sunny week) to survive? Continually purging them is very helpful in decimating all useful critters AND makes more room for things like musquitos…

    That said… It’s somewhat illegal but just watteri g the cracks with cleaning vinegar is ehh… Very helpful in this struggle.

    I’ll let the weeds grow in my garden, but only if you don’t comment on them next time we’re barbequing

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