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An inconvenient truth.

Every week I seem to have this moment where I figure ‘I’m totally ready to start dating again’. Usually somewhere around the Wednesdays that used to be date-night. Or the empty Saturdays that make up the weekend and are now mostly filled with..working (fuck, I’m a workaholic).
My heart and brain are still divided as to this topic, but sometimes the brain (who wants me to not end up alone, dead in a house for three weeks, being eaten by my cats) wins and I almost believe myself in that ‘ready, set, go‘ kind of way. These moments are usually followed by me (re-)opening Tinder (or in most cases, re-installing it after deleting it in frustration from last attempts) or starting up a profile on some dating site or other. 

The latter I do mostly because I FUCKING LOVE writing dating profiles. Not just for myself, mind you, I’ve written quite a bunch of profile texts in the past, much to the liking of their owners. It’s hella fun, writing that sales-pitch, finding the things that make you you AND attractive. Figuring out what is and isn’t a red flag to mention and wording everything in a delightful package that just deserves a message from a prospect amorous candidate. It’s fun. The actual replying, filtering and getting-to-a-date-part…not so much. Because as soon as I get to that point, I realize that brain has been bullshitting me and that dating is definitely not really back on the menu. Yet. If ever. Who knows.

Almost as soon as I open Tinder, or receive a reply on whatever profile I have made – the dating-fatigue strikes these days. It’s like I just can’t be bothered getting to know a new person. Finding out their likes and dislikes. What makes them tick, or explode (always good to know). Discovering what makes them weird, although preferably not serial killer kind of weird. Deciding whether or not they’re worth getting your ass off the couch for to…-gasp- go on a date. (They’re usually not).

Because as soon as a message chimes I’m already finding reasons not to. Their pictures suddenly are not as appealing. They made a typo in that sixth message. Whatever, there’s a plethora of reasons to go for. I’ve already got a stack of no-no’s way before we even get halfway into a conversation. Just looking for exit options that ARE acceptable reasonings as to why I lost interest.

Lucky for me – most guys in the dating pool at my age have PLENTY of other turn-offs. Which, to them (sadly) are (apparently) totally acceptable ‘quirks‘ or ‘parts of the package deal‘.

And that is FINE.
It’s ok when you’re awesomely happy with who you are. And it’s just dandy when you’re pleased with how your life is going. And it’s totally great that you accept those things about yourself, and feel comfortable enough to share them with your wife-to-be in the first five messages you exchange with them. There’s DEFINITELY something to be said for that type of honesty. But what it doesn’t (and this is where it often goes wrong) mean is that I – me, moi, the person you’re tryin’ to seduce – am then suddenly obliged to ALSO accept this about you and remain interested regardless ‘because I’m supposed to be open-minded‘.

Whether it’s the fact that you’re already in a committed relationship (be it with your girlfriend, dog or grandma) and think that’s not an issue. Or if you still live at home (or just moved back in with the parents after your marriage (!!) perished at age 30 (shocker!)) with the fam and are having the time of your life. Whether you’ve been ‘off the job‘ for a year or two now because you have to discover what you really want in life and want to…you know…travel and stuff. Or…and this ACTUALLY HAPPENED LAST WEEK: Whether you just got out of prison for hijacking cars across the Belgian border, while your family had the entire police force looking for you because they thought you were missing or hurt, but are now totally ready to resume dating with someone who won’t judge you for your ‘youthful mistake‘  – is UTTERLY AND TOTALLY up to you. But I am in no way forced into ‘just trying and seeing what happens‘, which in their words is something I should totally always do, regardless of my feelings. And to me is just complete insanity.

(Seriously…this last dude was like ‘just in case you Google my name…this is the story’, which mostly made me wonder whether I should actually be Googling more of the people I’m talking to, as the naive girl that I apparently am, never having Googled Tinder candidates before….)

Plus. If I indicate that these truths you share about yourself are a dealbreaker for me – that is NOT the point to fly off into a rage on how that is unfair behavior and how I should appreciate your approach and henceforth go on a date regardless of personal preference. Just as a reward for being an upfront and honest person. That is not how dating works. Like. At all. And that – is frustrating to the fucking max, if you know what I mean. I have better things to do than spend precious time explaining to nutcases that they’re…well…nuts for a reason.

On the whole it just takes a whole lotta effort to stay nice and polite to people who think they’re still in the running for first place while they were never actually even IN the race. And when ‘doing the dating thing‘ becomes a chore and telling them ‘no‘ becomes an inconvenient truth – it’s probably easier to not even venture onto the playing field. Right? Which, in and of itself – is also an inconvenient truth. Descent into loneliness incoming.

I think it’s about time they just implement Thuisbezorgd for soulmates. Where you can order a perfect match whenever you’re in need. Elon Musk, get on this, please.

30 thoughts on “An inconvenient truth.

  1. “Selfworth” doesn’t seem to be that “MOEILIJK” after all 😉 (gelukkig maar). You definitely seem to know what you do and do not want, without compromise. You deserve (self)-respect. And ‘Thuisbezorgd for Soulmates” (I thought you weren’t into the concept of soulmates that much) is of course a brilliant idea. Although: … keuze stress! Like you, I’m not ready yet: I think I would starve to death.

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  2. Thank you for making me chuckle. You always start my day off right. I feel for you and my daughters having to date in today’s electronic society. It seems too hard. I was lucky and met my wife the old fashion way, in a bar.


    1. How the world has shifted eh?
      A decade or two ago you could barely dare say out loud that you met through online dating. These days it has pretty much become the norm while meeting someone out in the real world is becoming increasingly ‘strange’.

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      1. That is true. It seems like everyone I meet now, no matter what the age, met their significant other online.
        To tell the truth, when I was in my late 20’s, I would go to the grocery or video store on Saturday night to meet women. Today that would be considered creepy, according to my daughters.


  3. My 3rd (now and last!) husband and I met online almost 20 years ago and been marry 15 years. I’d previously been sooo aggravated with online dating that when two friends hassled me to no end to try it again, I literally wrote a laundry list of 25-30 things that the man would need to match BEFORE I would write back! And THAT was way before I knew about Law of Attraction, and it worked!
    My hubby found me (as apparently I am a bad picker), and he possessed all the traits I had listed, minus a couple that weren’t deal breakers. Bottom line: be picky. There are over 7 BILLION people on the planet! Ha! You only need one to make a relationship. (I had also mentally gotten to the point of not “needing” anyone, when he found my bio online.) ❤️🦋🌀

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  4. This has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. I absolutely loved this😂
    Dating in this age is hard enough but online dating is an even different ball game. It’s too hard to win. So I gave up a while ago.
    Now I should probably also start Googling the people I’m talking to😩


  5. Dating Profiles ah! Are those even read?

    It seems so invisible perhaps, I had one, never been lucky to get a swipe right. I removed it and just mentioned “Single”. Got two swipes that never responded later in time. And most of the ladies I saw in the Tinder stack, just had the same question asked. “Are you even reading it?” 😂

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  6. You made me smile. A friend suggested it, so I did the online dating some years back and was happy to be chatting online with three guys for over a month. The one that made me chuckle was going away to America for a week 🙂 The other two started asking if I wanted to meet up. But I really wanted to wait for the guy who went to the States.

    He contacted me the day he got back and asked to meet up the following day. We did, and 11 happy years down the line, were engaged to be married 🙂

    Sometimes, you just click with someone and enjoy the ping-pong banter (messages going back and forth). It happened for me.


    1. Wow. That’s a genuine top-shelf success-story (that somehow ended up in my spam filter, sorry bout that!).
      But it’s an empowering idea that it CAN (Still) happen!
      Hope you two will have a perfect wedding and marriage! 😀


  7. Ok, now I’m just terrified of you! LOL. One imagine came strongly to mind for me, Jordan Peterson looking all stern and saying, “Women reject. And they do it on the basis of … What… Of something like competence.”

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      1. I absolutely adore Jordan, he’s one of my heroes and has helped me immensely. Here a clip of him which sorta explains what I meant…


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