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A swing and a miss

Batting practice at a softball training is usually the all-time favorite part of the day for most of the people I’ve played with, and currently play with. The enthusiasm with which they bounce to the batter box, the happiness with which they wield a bat, and the enjoyment they get from hitting a ball atContinue reading “A swing and a miss”

Tinder Tales – Picture Perfect

People are so intensely adorably curious when it comes to my single-ness. Or. Let me specify.People, utterly ‘together’ in delicious relationships for decades of interpersonal fun and no outlook on ever doing the ‘single’ thing again – are HORRIBLY curious about the flaming pile of despair that is the world of dating in our currentContinue reading “Tinder Tales – Picture Perfect”

Bed Battles

There’s things to consider when you’re (planning to be) getting back on the horse. The horse, in this case, being a new partner (winkwinknudgenudge). It’s not just the dating, the tentative getting-to-know-someone questions, the awkward routine-discoveries (seriously, I once knew a guy who brushed his teeth every time he’d eat something….which was quite often) andContinue reading “Bed Battles”

The Heart-Brain divide

The heart and brain have a tendency of pulling a person in different directions. More often than not, these directions also happen to be entirely opposite to each other – just to make it ‘easier’. Trying to rationalize matters of the heart is nigh impossible – and putting your heart in things that don’t rationallyContinue reading “The Heart-Brain divide”