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The unseen.

Sometimes I find words floating around my brain that just refuse to be ignored. They beg to be put in lines and eternalized in something more than just my brain. And with their bouncing around my brain comes a rhythm and demand. Followed by them clawing at the inside of my skull until I allow them out and that’s usually when I fall back on writing ‘poetry’. Tonight is one such night. Enjoy.

I see the ones that see me,

Yet I’m never really seen.

Because when I fight for vision,

I just fall in between…

The rest of all the blandness,

The drag, the bore, the stale.

Because when they really see me,

All they ever do is bail.

5 thoughts on “The unseen.

  1. Erg mooi geschreven 💜

    ‘She said she always wanted to be a poet. But I can tell deep down, all she really wanted was to be somebody’s poem’.


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