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Return to self

I threw out a tub of butter today.‘His‘ butter. We both favored different brands of margarine enough for me to compromise and just buy my own brand AND his to stop the complaints. So we each had our own tub of butter in my fridge. Me and the ex. And as mine ran out lastContinue reading “Return to self”

The ‘Where’s Waldo’ love-quest.

There’s something interesting about knowing how things work. As in, there’s intoxicating power in knowing the functionality, hacks and tricks hiding behind concepts that not everyone understands. Take multiple choice exams, for instance. Once you figure out the basic tips of how to eliminate the two obviously-wrong answers (by either erasing the odd ones outContinue reading “The ‘Where’s Waldo’ love-quest.”

It’s such a cover-up!

I’ve never really been a homely person. My interests for interior styling never really transcended beyond ‘I need a bed, couch, tv and dishwasher‘ as the bare essentials to feel at home (because fuuuuuuck I hate doing dishes). The fact that there’s pillows, plants and thingamabobs in my house can be blamed solely on theContinue reading “It’s such a cover-up!”

Tinder Tales – Virtually unique.

Tinder is often seen as the promiscuous den of the dating debauched (and unsuccessful). Something which, as my years tick on (and the faces on it remain quite unchanging) is becoming painfully obvious. Throughout the past 4 years I’ve been on Tinder on and off (mostly off, because my tolerance for the inherent dip-shit levelsContinue reading “Tinder Tales – Virtually unique.”

A case of the Spongebob-Brain

Today I’m having a Spongebob-brain kind of day.Spongebob, you might ask?Well, you know, that silly yellow sponge from Bikini Bottom who’s always getting in trouble. Because who lives in a pineapple under the sea? A central pillar of my (extended) youth and inspiration on many fronts – is he. There’s always been a lot ofContinue reading “A case of the Spongebob-Brain”

Personal blogging – Risky business

‘I understand that it’s been a really long time since we’ve talked, and maybe this is a bit strange coming from me but I read your blog and…’ This sentence. Is. So. Flippin’. Awesome.An ex-colleague of mine (from way back when I was still slaving away at McDonalds) sent me a message last week aboutContinue reading “Personal blogging – Risky business”